Gwen Stefani Just Teased A Major Hair Change

Red lipstick and blonde hair is classic Gwen, but her latest style has thrown us all for a loop. Is Gwen Stefani's curly brown hair real? She just debuted it on her Snapchat, so I had to investigate.

Gwen has always rocked platinum blonde hair, with the occasional edgy dip dye or streak of color. It's hard to imagine her rocking a long, curly head of brown hair, but that's exactly what she did in her recent Snapchat story. She posted a selfie with the caption "My tour look," making us all wonder if this is a permanent change.

According to her Instagram, she had her usual blonde hair in a long pony just yesterday. It's hard to believe that, even with a full glam squad, she could pull off such a massive change so quickly. Plus, did she get a perm?! The curly brown locks have to be a wig for the sake of performance. But then again, this is the woman responsible for the blue hair trend of the late 1990s, and who dyed her crop bubblegum pink once. While blonde is her signature, she's made some bold changes before. It's not impossible that the brown hair could become permanent later.

Just yesterday though, Gwen was rocking this:

And a few days ago, her hair looked like this:

For now, it looks like her brown hair is most definitely a wig. Personally, I think brown and curly looks gorgeous on her and I can't wait to see how she uses it on her This Is What The Truth Feels Like tour, which kicked off in Boston Tuesday evening.

In the meantime, Stefani is staying true to her platinum blonde roots. I'm convinced she could pull off anything.

Image: Gwen Stefani/Instagram