T. Hiddles Wears His Loki Wig For A Good Cause

In what is a much needed breath of fresh air and break from all the Hiddleswift news, Tom Hiddleston tried on his Loki wig for a good cause. On Thursday, the 35-year-old actor shared a video on Twitter, where he promoted his work with UNICEF, all while chilling in Loki's dressing room on the set of Thor 3, aka Thor: Ragnarok. Specifically, he speaks about a new UNICEF film featuring two young women named M’mah and Adamah, who survived an Ebola outbreak in Guinea by using their school radio station to get the word out about the disease.

"For children in emergencies, school is as vital as food and medicine," Hiddleston says in the video. "In the video from Guinea, [M’mah and Adamah] talk about their favorite school activity, which is getting to speak on the local community radio station." By learning about hygiene and healthcare, it helped them in the prevention of the spread of Ebola. Education can impact all areas of life. It's easy for many, including myself, to take schooling for granted, but it's something to be cherished.

Hiddleston wants fans to use the hashtag "#EmergencyLessons" to share their favorite school activity and "help celebrate the importance of education for children in emergencies." In the video he also explains his favorite school activity, which resulted in the Marvel actor putting on that famous Loki wig. "My favorite school activity was acting in plays," he says. "I'm still doing it for a living, as you can see. The Loki wig is on. He's back."

As easy as it is to get distracted by Hiddleston in that wig (who else has missed Loki?), not to mention all of those rumors about Hiddleston and Taylor Swift, keep in mind there are other more important things going on in the world.

Like he notes in the video, let's recognize and the spread the word about the impact education can make in crisis and conflict. Really, these are the issues that should be garnering way more attention.

Image: UNICEFIreland/YouTube