'WAGS' Star Tia Shipman Keeps Her BF A Mystery

Don't we all want to peek into the lives of celebrities just a little bit? Regardless of how you feel about privacy and all that fun stuff, there is a curious cat in all of us. The E! reality show, WAGS , gives us exactly that. Viewers get to see behind the scenes and into the glamorous and often dramatic lives of the girlfriends and wives of professional athletes. The super gorgeous Tia Shipman is a new cast member this season she certainly fits right in. So, who is Tia dating?

Well, WAGS has a tendency to make viewers play a guessing game as to which athlete the ladies are currently involved with. They don't just come out and say it right away. What we know about Tia is that she is definitely in a relationship with a member of the Washington Redskins. Of course it hasn't been officially announced which guy she calls hers, and it won't be revealed until she decides to do it on the show. TMZ has speculated that it is cornerback Greg Toler. This was postulated after they asked her a million pressing questions about her football beau that she was luckily nice enough to answer. Among the things she revealed was that they'd gone to middle school together and he was a cornerback for the Redskins.

Now, Tia is not just some average human. She has carved quite the career out for herself already. She doesn't really need a professional athlete to pay her bills, so she doesn't fall into the category that some disingenuous hangers on might. Tia is a model and signed with the prestigious agency, Ford Models. She has done runway shows and has appeared in a number of ads herself. Not to mention, she was the model for the winner of Season 5 of Project Runway, so she's seen reality stardom before.

If this successful model really is dating Greg Toler, they are a serious power couple. In 2009, Toler was the only student athlete from his school (Saint Paul's College) to be drafted into the NFL, according to the Redskins website. He may be new to the Redskins but he is not new to the NFL. He began his career with the Arizona Cardinals before moving to the Indianapolis Colts and now finding a home in Washington with the Redskins.

Hopefully we find out soon if this football player really is the lucky man to be dating Tia Shipman. I'll definitely be tuning in to see for myself.