"Pokemon Go" Users Need This Server Status App

Fellow trainers, if you're also trying to play "Pokemon Go" right now, then you are well aware that the "Pokemon Go" servers are down and that we're all spiraling into a state of nonexistence. Luckily, someone created a "Pokemon Go" server status app to tell us when the game is back online. Will it bring back "Pokemon Go" through the majestic power of the internet? No. (Pause for weeping.) But it will stop you from spending your entire weekend opening and closing the app and obsessively shutting off your phone in hopes that you will be back on the Poke-grid where you belong.

The app that will save you in the brainchild of Oleg Kozynenko, the creator of the app Hooks, the "notifications for everything" app. After user interest, he created a way for users downloading the app to set up a notification that will automatically alert them to any changing server statuses from "Pokemon Go". Downloading it is easy — it's available for iPhone and Android, and once you're in, all you have to do is search for "Pokemon Go" in the search box and choose "'Pokemon Go' Server Status alert". Now instead of this being the worst, it's only kind of slightly the worst! Thanks, Hooks!

In the meantime, try not to cry too hard about it; hell, maybe if you assigned one of your Pokemon to a gym, you'll make it the full 21 hours instead of getting BULLIED OUT OF THERE BY RED TEAM SCUM. (It's OK, I'm calm, it's just the server status getting to me.) To download the app, search for "Hooks" in the app store — that is, if you haven't already permanently damaged your phone with your tears. Happy Pokemon catching, y'all! And check out our article on ways to cope when "Pokemon Go" is down, because you deserve it.

Images: Courtesy of Oleg Kozynenko; The WB