Twitter Can't Wait For Kylie Jenner's New Lippies

by Augusta Statz

Kylie Cosmetics releases are always a major hit, and of course, the recent swatches of her soon to come summer lippies are no different. Twitter reactions to Kylie Jenner’s summer shades prove these three colors are just down right pretty.

They really do seem to be a perfect fit for the season. While some people online tend to think these shades are similar to previous ones she’s released, I’d argue that they aren’t. Ginger is way more rust-colored than 22 and Maliboo has a cool undertone (even more so than the other nude shades) for example. And Kristen, well, I think it’s just gorgeous and way more bright and coral-based than any of her other lippies. Jenner even described it as a "strawberry matte." And it doesn't get more summer-y than that.

Regardless of how similar you find these colors to other lipsticks she’s released, there’s no denying that these shades are beautiful to look at. They’re fun and carefree and couldn’t be better to wear all through August and September. And what else would you want to wear while the warm weather lasts, you know? So, Jenner seems to have impressed me once again, and most of Twitter seems to agree. Shop these shades on July 20 and July 22 to really make your summer beauty routine complete.

The suspense has been all too real. Everyone was wondering what her new mattes would look like.

When she finally showed them off, they definitely didn't disappoint.

Kristen is a unique shade that seems perfect for wearing while frolicking in the sun.

Maliboo's going to go so well with your white tank top and denim cut-offs, don't you think?

Meanwhile, Ginger will go great with your summer glow.

1. So Cute

"Cute" is an excellent way to describe these lippies and the fun-loving vibe they'll bring to your beauty routine.

2. IDC

When they're so good and you just want all of them, no matter what it'll cost you.

3. Couldn't Be More Excited

Lip Kit swatches just give you all of the feels, don't they?

4. Pretty

I could just stare at these shades all day.

5. Too Similar

I understand where people who think these are similar are coming from, but I still see the differences between these new colors and what she already has out. Besides, similar or no, these would be hard to pass up. I mean, can you just imagine that strawberry matte on your lips?

6. In Love

While some people are indifferent, others are falling in love with these lippies.

7. Be Mine

The longing to own these is all too real.

8. Tears Of Joy

Because they're just that good, you know?

9. Melting

Colors this good can make you melt faster than ice cream on a summer's day!

10. She Wins

She gets us every single time, doesn't she?

11. Gimme!

July 20 and 22 can't get here fast enough.

Bring on those summer shades, already!

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)