John Oliver Didn't Technically Endorse Clinton

The man who brings clarity to the hypocritical world of American politics probably has an opinion on who would be the best option for president come November. He has spent more than the last seven months tuned into the primaries, using his sardonic wit to make clear just how poor some of the presidential candidates have been. Now, though, it's just down to two, so which one would our favorite Brit choose? Who would John Oliver endorse? He released an endorsement-themed Last Week Tonight web-exclusive Sunday, but you might not get the answer you're looking for.

Oliver didn't endorse a presidential candidate, despite the fact that he's probably dying to. As he put it, "In the spirit of the season, I personally am ready to make a few endorsements as well — not for president, of course. Because of my accent, the only elected officials I can endorse are prime ministers, viceroys, and magical railway controllers." He's also, of course, shown himself adept at endorsements when the U.K. was on the verge of voting to leave supranational bodies and tank its own economy. (Looking at you, Brexit.)

The point, though, is that Oliver is not American; he's British. And there are rules that limit foreigners' participation in U.S. elections. Given that he lives and works in New York City, he must be a bit more afraid of enforcement this time than was the case with Canada's election in October — he endorsed anyone but the Conservative leader Stephen Harper. Our neighbors also have rules that limit that kind of speech, but I guess it was worth the $5,000 Canadian fine (if not the six months in jail).

Even though Oliver didn't feel free to make any endorsements in "Uncle Sam's Rock-Bottom Yankee Doodle Suicide Pact," as he called the 2016 election, you can more than guess which way he's leaning. Forget his past segments on Donald Trump — of which there are many, none flattering. Meanwhile, his attacks on Clinton have mostly surrounded her use of social media, but pretend that you didn't know that going in. He made pretty clear who he would support even as he announced his endorsements for human clothes on animals, interspecies relationships, and killer gingham shirt-tie combos.

As he introduced the segment, he made mention of some other endorsements the candidates have been rolling in. Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by plenty of Americans, but Oliver chose to highlight Gloria Steinem, Stevie Wonder, and Oprah Winfrey. The same could be said of Trump, but Oliver only mentioned Stephen Baldwin, Kid Rock, "an angry owl in an abandoned barn, and the sound of a motorcycle peeling out of a White Castle parking lot."

Which list sounds nicer to you? Unfortunately, Oliver still can't vote in America yet. But if he could, there's very little chance he'd go for Trump.

Images: Last Week Tonight/HBO (1)