Will Celine Dion Go On Tour In 2016?

by Emily Lackey

Time for Celine Dion fans to rejoice. After a trying year for the singer (and for the fans that love her), Celine Dion announced on Monday that she would be releasing her latest album very soon. Encore un Soir, the singer’s first album since 2013’s Loved Me Back to Life, will be released in August. But with this new album, will Celine Dion go on tour in 2016? If you thought a new Dion album was good news on its own, then you are going to love this: Yes, Celine Dion will be going on tour in 2016.

But, before you get too excited, know that it’s going to be a brief one. Dion has planned a number of Canadian concerts to coincide with the release of her new album. During the month of August, the singer will perform 16 times at various venues throughout Canada. Most of those performances will be held at Bell Centre in Montreal, but Dion will also be coming to Videotron Centre in Québec, and Ampithéatre Cogeco in Troi-Rivières before returning to Las Vegas in late September to perform again at Caesar’s Palace.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And it’s no surprise really that Dion is celebrating the release of her new album in Canada. It is a French language album, after all, her 14th over the span of her career, so it makes sense that she would go on tour in a place where French is a commonly spoken language. And for an album that is sure to be personal — the singer’s husband died earlier this year — it’s no wonder that the singer is performing it in the language that is closest to her heart.

Check out all of Celine Dion’s tour dates below:

July 31: Bell Centre

August 1: Bell Centre

August 4: Bell Centre

August 5: Bell Centre

August 8: Bell Centre

August 9: Bell Centre

August 12: Bell Centre

August 13: Bell Centre

August 16: Bell Centre

August 17: Bell Centre

August 20: Videotron Centre

August 21: Videotron Centre

August 24: Videotron Centre

August 25: Videotron Centre

August 27: Videotron Centre

August 30: Ampithéatre Cogeco

August 31: Ampithéatre Cogeco

September 20: Caesars Palace

September 21: Caesars Palace

September 23: Caesars Palace