Kylie Cosmetics Could Be Selling Collections

Kylie Jenner is full of surprises. Whether it's a switch in hair cut and color or the debut of new shades for her Kylie Cosmetics brand, the star knows how to make a splash online. Now, she's doing it again. Will Kylie Cosmetics sell lip kit collections? Here are some clues, and the first one begins with Jenner's own Instagram post. Of course, Jenner would take to her social media to create a sly clue for an upcoming announcement, and while there's been no official word or image of lip kits grouped together in an official capacity, Jenner's Instagram post on Monday could be a sign that collections are coming.

On Friday, Jenner officially revealed her new summer lip kit shades. Ginger, Maliboo, and Kristen are three new gorgeous shades created by Jenner for the warmer months, and people are scrambling for them. Ginger's rose brown hue, Maliboo's taupe nude, and Kristen's coral red are now all members of the Kylie Cosmetics family, but could Jenner be releasing her lip kit shades in collections?

On Monday, Jenner took to her Instagram to post an image of her latest releases next to her existing lip kit shades. While the post may be seemingly innocuous to some, there are a few clues that lead me to believe Jenner may start releasing her lip kits in collections.

Jenner's post seems innocent enough at first glance. However, Jenner calls the four swatches she is showcasing as her "Nude Palette." If Jenner is grouping her lip kits into palettes, could she be planning to sell them that way on the Kylie Cosmetics website? Her description is only one of the clues.

Jenner also grouped her brighter hues together in a second Instagram in what could easily be called a "Berry Palette." Jenner sectioning off her colors instead of swatching them all together — as she's done before — seems to insinuate that she's thought about how each shade could couple together.

The final clue? Jenner is technically already selling collections. Both the Kylie Cosmetics glosses and metals are sold in bundles. Why not expand those bundles to the lip kits? While the lip kits may be a bigger collection of shades than the glosses and metals, the perfect solution would be to group the lip kits into palettes, and it seems like Jenner may have already thought about it.

So whether Jenner's Instagram post is innocuous or not, there are clues that Kylie Cosmetics could sell lip kit collections. If she does, getting your gorgeous nude lip is going to be a lot easier, and a lot more diverse.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram; Courtesy of brand