This “Make Me” By Britney Spears Remix Will Have You Laughing ‘Till The Cows Come Home — LISTEN

Not one week after Miss American Dream Since She Was 17 Britney Spears surprised the planet with "Make Me," the fantastic steam pot of a Burns-produced jam that is sure to be a late summer hit, an essential remix of the tune put on a pair of knee-high socks and slid onto the Internet. As Digital Spy pointed out, a cow-themed version of Britney Spears’s “Make Me” now exists, and it truly is a masterpiece. On Sunday, Twitter user @britneyscheetos posted “Make Me Mooo,” a quick and dirty remix of Godney’s terrific latest single. And yeah, you're going to want to get out the good headphones for this one.

"Make Me Mooo" utilizes a foolproof formula: take a popular song, sprinkle a farm animal's cry throughout the track, and voilà! The end result is a video that makes me laugh, laugh, laugh, laaaaaaugh. If you appreciated the works of art that were the goat scream videos that took over our Facebook News Feeds a few years ago, then "Make Me Mooo" will most certainly be your cup of milk tea. Sorry about the heaping dose of hyperbole I'm about to dole out, but this remix of "Make Me" is the only remix of "Make Me" I need.

Without further a-mooo, er, ado, here is @britneyscheetos’s magnum opus:

Gimme gimme moo-re, gimme moo-re, gimme gimme moo-re!

Image: ABC