13 Full House Quotes That Describe Every Family Summer Vacation


Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there's a moment from ABC's Full House that remains totally relevant to your life. If you were a person who watched television in the late '80s and early '90s, then you probably spent your weeknights with Full House . It's likely that the good-natured sitcom about a recent widower who enlists his brother-in-law and BFF to help raise his three daughters not only brought you endless entertainment, but made you feel less weird about some of your own atypical family dynamics — like, say, the kind that are especially prevalent during summer vacations. There are many F ull House quotes that describe your family summer vacations, because Full House, in a weird way, understood your family. Maybe that's why it's become such a cult phenomenon. (That or Michelle Tanner. Who knows?)

They don't really make sentimental sitcoms like Full House much anymore. (Except for Full House's current reboot on Netflix, Fuller House, which is great, but I digress.) What I'm saying is, there isn't a show out there that understands your family as much as Full House, because it's a show that centers around family. Always. Below, 13 Full House quotes that just get what it's like to be on summer vacation with your own relatives — for better or worse.

1. On Sibling Dynamics

Kimmy Gibbler: [Talking to DJ] "Your sister is such a tattletale."

Stephanie Tanner: "I am not, and I'm telling you said that."

No matter how old you get, you're never too old to be an annoying sibling. Especially during a car ride. Or in any enclosed space, really.

2. On Comebacks

Really, truly, works for everything and every kind of insult your family might throw at you. You can thank Steph for this gem.

3. On Taking Photos

Spoken from a true champ. Michelle understands how annoying it is when your mom keeps taking pictures of everybody doing banal things. Like sitting down. Or breathing.

4. On Ending Conversations You Don't Want To Be A Part Of

True fact: when you say "Cut. It. Out." (preferably with Uncle Joey's signature hand gestures), your parents and/or relatives will stop questioning you about your future.

5. On Using Appropriate Insults In Front Of Your Parents

I still have no idea what this means, but it definitely sounds like the type of clean insult you would unleash on your siblings in front of your parents.

6. On How Corny Your Dad Is

This is totally something your dad would say to his adult child during a vacation. Am I right or am I right?

7. On Sibling Dynamics Pt. II

Sweet, and true. We should listen more often to D.J.

8. On Picking The Right Seat

Michelle is me/you/all of us in any type of vehicle during a trip.

9. On Why It's Important To Travel With Hand Sanitizer

Danny Tanner's life motto should be everyone's travel motto.

10. On When You Get Into Trouble

This is usually said to me anywhere from one to seven times per trip.

11. On Not Getting Your Hair Wet

There's not a more pertinent sentence than Uncle Jesse's catchphrase when you are in the pool and/or ocean and trying to not get your perfectly coiffed 'do messed up.

12. On Why Family Vacations Are The Worst

Shout out to all the times your parents still say no to you, even as an adult, when you are on vacation with them.

13. On Why Family Vacations Are The Best

There's that Danny Tanner sentimental sweetness we all love so much. Teaching us to value any and all time we have with our family, no matter how much they might get on our nerves during a summer vacation.

See? Full House gets you.

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