Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Have Some Supporters In The Form Of 'Star Trek Beyond's Simon Pegg & Karl Urban

You know Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have taken the world by storm, when two actors who you probably thought would never comment on the relationship are raving about the romance. In an interview with E! News, Star Trek Beyond co-stars Karl Urban and Simon Pegg praised Hiddleswift. Seeing as Urban will appear in Thor: Ragnarok with Hiddleston, it only makes sense why he's commenting. Plus, E! News did want to know his opinion, alongside Pegg's, so that's the real reason he's opening up about them. Whatever the case, their colorful and positive commentary about the new couple proves that celebs are also invested in Hiddleswift.

First, Urban has yet to meet the 1989 artist, but did gush that she and Hiddleston "make a cute couple." Urban also pointed out that if Hiddleston becomes the next James Bond, his relationship with one of the biggest singers today would become even more huge. It's hard to imagine how much more their relationship could potentially "blow up," because it already has, but I wouldn't put anything past Hiddleswift.

Claire Greenway/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As for Pegg, he took a more humorous way of gossiping about Swift and the 2016 Emmy-nominated actor. First of all, he thinks Hiddleswift is the best shipper name ever. "I'm always saying it," he admitted. "I can't get enough of that business." His next comment is further proof of how much the British actor is paying attention to headlines about the highly-discussed couple.

"I've got an I love T.S. T-shirt as well," Pegg joked (referring of course to that "I [heart] T.S." tank Hiddleston wore over the Fourth of July weekend while frolicking in the ocean with Swift and her friends). "They didn't photograph me when I was swimming in the sea with it."

Pegg was also quick to note how Swift's name will change if she ever marries The Night Manager star. "If they get married then she'll be Taylor Hiddleston, which sounds like a character from a Dickens novel." So true. Then in his best narrator voice, Pegg declared, "Young Taylor Hiddleston came to the shop that morning."

I can only imagine what their thoughts will be upon meeting the two. It may never happen for Pegg, but Urban just might be lucky enough to while filming Thor 3. Whatever comes about, it's clear that the two actors are keeping up with Hiddleswift, just like the rest of us.