What's Up With Spock & Uhura In 'Beyond'?

It was a pretty big deal when the news came out that Sulu would be portrayed as gay in Star Trek Beyond , making him the first openly LGBT character in the Star Trek universe. And while that is certainly a milestone, Sulu's aren't the only romantic interests in the film in which the audience is invested. There's also the case of the reboot series' biggest couple: Spock and Uhura. The pair certainly have had their ups and downs in the first two movies in the rebooted Star Trek universe, and fans are wondering if Spock and Uhura are together in Star Trek Beyond .

Fans will remember that the two were revealed to be an item in 2009's Star Trek, which marked a new direction for the characters compared to previous Star Trek canon. They continued dating through that film and into its sequel, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and that's where things got messy. Their conflicts mostly arose out of Spock's ultra-logical Vulcan roots versus Uhura's more emotion-based Earthling way of viewing things. In that film, Uhura becomes upset with Spock for taking too many risks on his missions, and not caring about her feelings when putting his own life in danger. However, by the end of the movie, the pair seem to have mostly made up — though it's made clear there is still a rift between them. And that brings us to Star Trek Beyond. The pair are explicitly broken up in the movie, and they do not get back together. You can see a clip below that shows the awkward tension between them.

However, even though they're not together in the film, all is not lost between Spock and Uhura. Spoiler alert! At the end of Star Trek Beyond, Uhura seems to silently imply that she still has feelings for Spock by again proudly wearing the necklace he gave her — the one she tries to return to him in the clip above. It's a symbolic and intentional move on her part, and I wouldn't be surprised if Spock and Uhura once again become a legitimate couple in the just-announced fourth Star Trek movie.

Images: Paramount Pictures