13 ‘E.R.’ Quotes That Will Get You In The Summer Spirit

It might sound weird, but trust me: there really is nothing like a good E.R. marathon to get anyone in the mood for the warm weather. I know — a show about terrible tragedy getting someone excited for summer? It doesn't make sense, at first, but when you think about it, you'll realize it makes perfect sense. Even thought most of the season took place in the freezing cold winter months of Chicago, Illinois, it's totally a summer-happy show — and this is indicated by the fact that there are so many E.R. quotes that'll get anyone in the summer spirit.

From Dr. Romano’s moody asides to all the jokes about drinking that Dr. Lewis made, these overworked hospital employees always seemed right on the brink of needing a major vacation. Like, the kind of vacation that only summer can bring. As they pined for warmer months and shorter work days, these characters always had some choice words that will remind you that summer is not a season, it’s a state of mind.

So curl up with a cold drink, enough episodes of E.R. to get you through the summer work week, and take a look at all of these quotes. They will make you so grateful for the warmth in your life and the pitcher of margaritas waiting for you at happy hour.

1. Dr. Carter: "Oh, Great, I Have To Work. I’m Always Working When The World Ends."


Basically how I feel every time someone announces their three-week vacation right in the middle of the summer. What am I doing this summer? Oh, right. Still working.

2. Dr. Susan Lewis: "There’s Not Enough Lime In This.”


Me, to every waiter that has ever served me after a long, hot summer week.

3. Dr. Romano: "Will Somebody Turn Down The Damn Heat? Feels Like A Hundred In Here.”


I think I have said that literally every day this summer. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

4. Dr. Lockhart: "Out Of Order."


Abby Lockhart offers these choice words after a patient asks her what her sign is. It’s the perfect response to memorize for every beach bum you’ll encounter this summer, looking for a little seasonal romance.

5. Dr. Malucci: "Hey, Chief, Am I A Yuppie?”


Summer is yuppie season. Better get used to the boat shoes.

6. Dr. Knight: "Oh, Some Fire Twirler Burnt His Butt, And The Whole Troupe’s Waiting For Him."


Basically recapping every Fourth of July parade ever.

7. Dr. Carter: "Takeout And A Hot Bath?”


Good intentions die hard during the summer, but let’s be real: it’s still a perfect time for a little me time.

8. Dr. Lewis: "Sometimes, A Whole Pitcher Of Margaritas."


She’s talking about how much she curls on a regular basis, but this quote could also describe most of your Friday nights this summer.

9. Carol Hathaway: "You Know What We Call Motorcycles Around Here?”


Let me guess? The most perfect summer vehicle ever?

10. Carol Hathaway: "Hey, Every Full Moon Should Be Lady’s Night."


As should every single night during the summer.

11. Carol Hathaway: "Like Thelma And Louise, Man."


How you picture you and your best friend spending the entire summer. Hopefully without the fatal end.

12. Dr. Carter: "A Little Taste Of The Islands."


They sure do drink a lot on this show. Or at least talk about it as much as you do when the warm weather hits.

13. Shep: "Welcome To Hell."


Oh, sure. Summer is all fun and games until the heatwave comes. Then you're just wishing for snow.

So, enjoy these summer months, E.R. fans — these awesome doctors would certainly want you to.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (13)