Ezra Proposed To Aria On 'Pretty Little Liars,' But Will She Say Yes?

Just like the promo promised us, there was a Pretty Little Liars proposal during Tuesday night's episode "Along Comes Mary." But before you start popping that celebratory champagne, let's talk about the diamond-sized elephant in the room: whether or not Aria will say yes to Ezra's proposal. Because just like with everything else on this show, their relationship is currently be centered around yet another lie, which really doesn't bode well for Aria and Ezra's PLL engagement.

While working in Ezra's apartment alone, Aria hears his phone ring and sees that the caller is Nicole aka the woman Ezra was madly in love with and presumed to be dead. But when she answered the phone, no one said anything, so she hung up. After talking it over with Emily she decided not to tell Ezra about it since Nicole is dead and this would only upset him. But something tells me this is bound to come back to haunt her in the near future and could very well indicate that Nicole is still alive after all.

Don't get me wrong, the proposal itself was very sweet with Ezra telling Aria how he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. (And the romantic candles were a really nice touch.) However, Ezria fans should wait to hear Aria's answer before spiraling into fits of nuptial bliss. From the sounds of next Tuesday's promo, Aria is having major reservations about saying yes to Ezra's question, not because of Nicole's mysterious phone call, but rather due to the fact that she's currently covering up her role in Rollins' death and could get sent to prison at any moment. So yeah, she's got some other big things on her plate right now.

Let's just hope that she decides to come clean with Ezra about everything in regards to both Nicole and Rollins. Because an engagement centered around lies and secrets definitely indicates that these two may not make it down that aisle... at least not together.

Image: Freeform