When Is The Lisa Frank Clothing Line Coming Out? Get Ready To Shop

This is not a drill. Stop what you're doing, because a Lisa Frank clothing line is finally here. Think cartoon cats on crop tops and rainbow colors and glitter everywhere. Nostalgia is at it's finest with this collection, and it's only the beginning of the wearable fun.

If you're a '90s kid, one look at this brightly colored clothing line will take you right back to school shopping as a kid. The bright colors and cartoon rainbows and unicorns that used to be splattered all over your favorite folders for school are now on clothing. The collection includes everything from bodycon dresses and patterned leggings to tanks and crew neck sweatshirts. Priced between $25 to $60, this is a grown up collection featuring all your childhood favorites. What a time to be alive, my friends.

That's not even the best part either. You don't have to wait for the launch, because it's already here! Get those wallets ready and head over to the Rage On website to get your hands on them right now. There are more than a few styles to choose from too. Currently there are 72 styles available on the site, so there's pretty much a Lisa Frank print for any occasion.

Need some shoes to go with the clothing? Well, you're in luck. You can buy Lisa Frank flip-flops too. If the footwear is more your style, you can shop it at Shoe Minded for only $12 a piece.

My childhood self would be obsessing so hard right now. Actually, my grow-up self is pretty pumped about this too. Here's a look at some of the style, so you can see for yourself how awesome of a moment this is.

1. Kitten Roses Crop Top

Kitten Roses Crop Top, $35, rageon.com

Does it get much better than this? I think not.

2. Lip Tee

Lips T-Shirt, $25, rageon.com

I don't remember the lip print as a kid, but I'm totally okay with it.

3. Dolphin Leggings

Dolphin Leggings, $40, rageon.com

You can even get the very best prints in legging form.

4. Cheetah Sweatshirt

Hunter Sweatshirt, $60, rageon.com

Take your love for Lisa Frank all through the seasons with this stylish sweatshirt.

5. Unicorn Tank

Unicorn Rainbows Tank, $35, rageon.com

A tank splattered with greatness.

6. Character Crop Top

Character Collage Crop Top, $35, rageon.com

Can't decide on a print? Get them all in one shirt.

7. Lion Leggings

Forrest Leggings, $40, rageon.com

The cuteness continues on with these split leg pants.

8. Unicorn Dress

Majesty Simple Dress, $55, rageon.com

Go bold on your next night out with a unicorn bodycon.

9. Blinged-Out Bears

Vintage Bear Sweatshirt, $60, rageon.com

Because who doesn't need a rainbow bear sweatshirt?

It's like a childhood dream come true!

Images: lisa_frank/Instagram (1), rageon.com (9)