Will Beyonce Perform At The Emmys? It Looks Like It Might Be A Possibility

Remember the simple, happier, ground-breaking moments after Lemonade dropped? Remember how we as a nation were all swept up into Beyoncé's loving embrace and given shot after shot of pure musical iconography? Remember what it was like to watch a legend be born? Well, we may all be able to relive that time once more if Beyoncé performs at the 2016 Emmys, as this new report from The Wrap suggests. To be perfectly frank, Beyoncé needs to perform at the Emmys. She must perform. It's her artistic imperative. Sure, she's busy conquering the world yet again on a major world tour. Luckily, though, we've seen that there have been breaks in her schedule that have allowed her to step away from the concert stage and attend other major events — I mean, remember her spectacular BET Awards performance? The Emmys would certainly qualify as a major event, without a doubt. She may not be confirmed yet, but there's nothing stopping her from performing — and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking she totally should.

First off, it would be her debut at the Emmys. That's right: Queen Bey has yet to grace the Emmys red carpet. Now is her time! She's been a fixture at various awards shows throughout the years, so she should totally check this one off her list! It's a cinch. Next, Beyoncé and Lemonade have racked up four Emmy noms, three of which could be presented at the Creative Arts Emmys. The Creative Arts Emmys are sort of the like the pre-game to the Emmys: fun, but not exactly the main event. Beyoncé is nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special, though, which falls under the televised Emmys purview. As such, this could be enough of a lure. Beyoncé is also no stranger to the Emmys. She's been nominated twice before, for 2015's "On The Run" tour with her husband, Jay-Z, and for her 2013 Superbowl Halftime Performance. Now is the prime time for producers to play their cards right. If they do, they should naturally add the offer of a musical performance for Beyoncé.


Which brings me to my biggest reason: the chance to bring the epic-ness (art meets social commentary meets black girl magic meets music) of Lemonade to the Emmys would be a landmark. Everyone would stand to benefit from Beyoncé performing a excerpt from her visual album, especially now — there would be an opportunity to connect the intersectional dots for Emmy attendees of all colors while giving Beyoncé a platform to continue to celebration of Lemonade's magnitude.

In short, Beyoncé needs to attend the Emmys. I have faith in her chances to snag the award for her directing. I also have faith that she could once again impress upon us, through her music and her stunning visuals, why Lemonade is deserving of its Emmy recognition through a musical performance.

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