Is Wren Avenging This Big 'Pretty Little Liars' Death? This New Promo Could Change Everything

There are so many people that we flat-out know that we can't trust on Pretty Little Liars that it's beginning to make me suspicious of just about everyone. Of course, some PLL characters have caught viewers' suspicions from the get-go, even if we still have no idea if they have a nefarious agenda. One of these characters is the long-missing — but never quite forgotten — British doctor, Wren Kingston. Though fans thought Wren was Big A before the Charlotte reveal, being proved wrong has lessened many people's suspicions of the former Radley doctor. But now, Season 7 seems to be encouraging people to suspect Wren of doing something, especially now that Dr. Rollins was revealed to be both secretly evil and British. Now, a new clip from upcoming PLL episode "Wanted: Dead Or Alive" could suggest that Wren is now out to avenge Dr. Rollins' death — and it might finally give Wren theorists the validation they need.

The speculation that Wren would know something about Dr. Rollins death and want to punish the Liars for it comes from a call that Hanna receives in the new promo for "Wanted: Dead Or Alive." Reddit user Katriel0413 noticed that the voice on the phone call didn't quite sound like Dr. Rollins, even though the person on the other line says something that would seem quite appropriate for Dr. Rollins to say: "Next time you bury someone, make sure that they're dead." The user theorized that the voice on the other end of the line is really Wren, which opens up a whole can of worms if that's the case. The voice can be heard at the 0:10 mark below:

There's no way to tell yet if that voice is really Wren, someone else impersonating Dr. Rollins, or a zombie Dr. Rollins himself. We know from actor Julian Morris' interview with MTV that Wren will likely return to Pretty Little Liars before the show is over, and there's a real chance it could be sooner than we expected. It's also worth noting that Huw Collins, the actor who portrays Dr. Rollins, did recently post a picture of himself with Julian Morris, stirring up suspicions that the two were doing a PLL scene together.

If Wren is really on the other end of the line, he could be punishing the Liars for Dr. Rollins' death in order to both torture them and avenge someone he cares about. It can't be a coincidence that these two look so much alike, or that they're both British doctors. (Err, okay, technically Dr. Rollins isn't legally a doctor, but it still counts!) Finding out that Wren is after the Liars for killing his brother might finally give fans the Wren reveal they've always wanted.

Image: Freeform