Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Twitter Reactions Prove This Product Is Already A Hit

If there are two things the beauty world goes crazy for, it’s a highlight that won’t quit and Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Palette. So, when these things combine into one, the results are sure to be amazing. Twitter reactions to Too Faced’s Peach Glow Palette, which appears to be a highlighting palette, prove that this is going to be a must-have item.

The original Sweet Peach Palette that was released featured eye shadows, all with a glorious peach scent. And if you thought it couldn’t get much better than that, well, it seems as though you were mistaken. Because a palette that could give you a peach glow (and fragrance) just improves upon your current makeup situation (and life, in general) doesn’t it? Twitter sure seems to think so!

There’s only been one photo posted so far, but the Internet is already going crazy for this palette. Only the outside of the palette has been shown, too. So, we don’t even know what this packaging holds inside, much less what the swatches will look like. Even still, this is going to be nothing short of fantastic. And myself and the rest of the online world is sure of it, too. I don’t think you’d be able to convince us otherwise, either.

The tiniest of sneak peeks is all it takes to get people amped up for this launch.

1. Future Peach-y Glow

I definitely sense a peach-y shine in your future.

2. All Caps

Capital letters are necessary under these circumstances.

3. Lit

Too Faced is about to help us get LIT!

4. Want It

Haven't seen what the inside looks like yet? Doesn't matter.

5. The Answer To Prayers

Our makeup prayers have been answered.

6. Slay

Go on and do the dang thing, Too Faced!

7. Save Your Money

If you're broke, start saving up now. Because you're going to need this.

8. Crying

These, my friend, are tears of joy.

9. Dying

Dying to know more details over here.

10. New Addition

I'm all for expanding the Sweet Peach family.

11. YAS

Really. Does it get better than this?

12. Gimme!

I'll take your entire stock, please.

13. Sweet Peach > Life

Give me a peach glow, and my life will be complete.

14. Tell Me More

The brand's peaked our interest, to say the least.

15. Coming In Spring

Basically, this baby can't get here soon enough.

Image: jerrodblandino/Instagram (1)