The Weasley Twins' Guide To The Harry Potter Exhibition In Brussels Is Seriously Delightful

Pottermore's YouTube account recently released the Weasley Twin's guide to the Harry Potter exhibition, and it's seriously delightful. Even though James and Oliver Phelps are no longer starring as tricksters Fred and George Weasley, their tour of "Harry Potter: The Exhibition" is still a fun and funny romp through many of the film's most memorable scenes.

The Weasley Twins begin their "behind the scenes, we-know-insider-knowledge tour" of the Harry Potter exhibition in Brussels with a look at Dolores Umbridge's office. Yes, it's just as pink as you remember it, although, as Oliver observes, "it's quite unimposing, really, until you learn more about the character of Umbridge. And she was horrible!"

Harry Potter: The Exhibition contains enough familiar props for every Potterhead to drool over. In addition to Umbridge's office, there's the interior of Hagrid's hut, complete with a dragon egg. The exhibit is studded with famous Harry Potter puppets, such as Dobby, Fawkes, and Bane.

Also included in the Harry Potter exhibition is the chest Oliver Wood opens when Harry gets his first Quidditch lesson in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The Phelps brothers waste no time engaging in a friendly Quaffle-throwing competition, but you'll have to watch the video below to see who the better player is.

Image: Warner Bros.