When To Shop ColourPop's Eight Ultra Metallic Lips

In case you missed it in the storm of Kylie Cosmetics excitement, one of the top indie makeup brands has some pretty exciting news too. ColourPop is launching four new Ultra Metallic Lip shades, according to their social media. When can you shop them, you ask? Get excited, because you don't have to wait too much longer.

ColourPop loves to make surprise announcements on their social media. Recently they announced their Ultra Glossy Lip colors, the comeback of their tie-dye shadows, and now they're at it with new Ultra Metallic Lip colors. According to their Snaps, fans said they wanted more wearable shiny-lipped colors, so that's exactly what they've done. In addition to Kween, 3-Way, Zebra, and Man Eater, the makeup company is now offering four lighter shades as well.

Ranging from light pinks to subtle mauves, J.I.C., Salt, Flitter, and Lights Out are much more wearable than the previous bold shades. They'd work perfectly on their own or as a matte lipstick topper as well. Plus the best part is that they're coming out super soon. All eight shades will be available to shop on the ColourPop site on July 26 at 1pm EST. If that's not exciting news, then I don't know what is.

ColourPop is known for their wide color ranges on all their products, so it wouldn't surprise me if they had even more coming. Unfortunately, these are limited quantity and odds are they'll sell out pretty fast. The first Ultra Metallic Lip launch sold out in just minutes.

Compared to the previously released colors, these are so much more wearable. Of course, it's nice to have a bold lipped option as well. They're only $6 each, so you don't have to feel guilty snagging a few of each.

Although they are limited quantity, they are here to stay. So if you miss out on this round, there will without a doubt be another one to come.

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1), colourpopco/Snapchat (2)