How To Bring 'Clueless' Trends Into Your Everyday Wardrobe — PHOTOS

As a Midwestern '90s girl in a pair of hand-me-down stirrup leggings, I used to watch Cher Horowitz move across the TV screen in a flurry of plaids, pink pompoms, and knee-highs and think, "One day." Now as a grownup, I can channel Clueless trends in my own wardrobe, even if it's been over two decades since Horowitz and crew graduated from Bronson Alcott High. Some things never go out of style, and one of the reigning queens of sartorial history will always be this designer-flaunting teenager.

With the rise of '90s fashion over the past couple of years, bringing those Clueless trends into your wardrobe has never been easier. You have a medley of options to choose from, in fact — like, everything from Tai Frasier's overalls to Dionne Davenport's mini skirts — so it's an absolute snap to stock your closet full of Beverly Hills essentials.

But before you go on a shopping spree worthy of Rodeo Drive, let's first design a game plan: What does Clueless style even entail? You can't just blindly buy headbands and plaids and call it a day. So below is your plan of attack, zeroing in on everything from general trends the clique would approve of to the kind of footwear they'd all fawn over. Get ready to live out all over your Valley Girl dreams.

1. Nab A Boldly-Printed Dress

Studio Printed Embellished Collar Dress, $110, Eloquii

A-line Dress With Pleated Yoke Front In Floral Print, $62, ASOS

Horowitz and crew weren't afraid of bold patterns — they rocked yellow plaid suits, hot pink leopard print skirt sets, and argyle minis like it was NBD. Channel that bold aesthetic by indulging in a couple of wild prints of your own — just keep them preppy!

2. Incorporate Head-To-Toe Glitter Dresses

Studio Collared Striped Sequin Dress, $160, Eloquii

Crystal Crop Top Tutu Netted Mini Skater Dress, $195, ASOS

If Cher had an affinity for boas and Amber for shiny leather twin sets, then surely they'd approve of a little head-to-toe glitter in the a.m. Make them proud with a sequin bombed frock, going ultra glam and girly for a weekday.

3. Play With Some Mesh Overlay

Collared Lace Easy Dress, $120, Eloquii

Stripe Mesh Overlay Body-Con Dress, $72, Nordstrom

The girls weren't adverse to texture. They constantly rocked velvet, leather, and pompom-like details without a qualm. So pay homage to that adventurous style with some mesh overlays. The dress will still look feminine and preppy, but will also have some edge to it.

4. Tinker With Dresses That Have Sporty Details

Striped Detailed Trim Dress, $90, Eloquii

Racerback Bodycon Dress, $28, Topshop

Dionne oftentimes came onto the screen wearing racer stripes and cap-sleeved shirts, so tip your hat towards that aesthetic with a couple of sporty touches of your own. Whether you opt for striped detailing trims or racerback dresses, you'll end up looking athletic and chic.

5. Rock A Preppy Blouse

Striped Bow Blouse, $65, Eloquii

Rainbow Stripe T-Shirt, $26, ASOS

Respect Cher and crew's partiality towards color and everything wasp-y by introducing a couple of preppy shirts into your own collection. Whether they boast pussy bows or just rock a Kate Spade-like love for stripes, this sartorial move will add a pop of Beverly Hills into your wardrobe.

6. Stock Up On Two-Piece Sets

Blocking Intarsia Sweater, $70, Eloquii

Floral-Print Lace Two-Piece Dress, $53, Macy's

There's probably nothing that shouts "Dionne and Cher" more loudly than a sassy two-piece dress set.

7. Keep An Eye Out For Embellished Heels

Lizzy Block Heel Sandal, $27, Eloquii

Embellished Pointed High Heels, $89.99, ASOS

Your love for anything and everything girly doesn't have to end with clothes — the obsession can just as easily extend into shoes, too. Just slip into an embellished pair of chunky heels, grab a pink pompom pen, and you might as well be one of the cool kids at Bronson Alcott High.

8. Hunt Down Some Overtly Girly Heels

La Roux Mid Heel Bow Pump, $25, Eloquii

Bow Heels, $70, Eric Dress

Or you can go more "on the nose" with your feminine touches by investing in a pair of shoes with big, bold bows. I can totally imagine these in Cher's shopping bags as she struts down Rodeo Drive.

9. Load Up On '90s Color Block Heels

Zuri Block Heel Sandal, $25, Eloquii

Seychelles Hazel, $58, 6 PM

If you're going to be channeling one of the biggest '90s icons of our time, then you might as well throw in a little color-blocking love for good measure.

10. Bring In An Electric-Colored Mini

Plus Size Skater Skirt, $15, Forever 21

Mini Skirt with Pep Hem in Texture, $30, ASOS

If you can't find a yellow plaid skirt as easily as you thought, don't worry — you can still channel Cher and crew with colorful minis that come in electric and fearless colors. They were all about making a chic statement, and a pop of citrus does just that.

11. A Sassy Purse

Skinnydip Small Cross Body in Silver With Pom Pom, $52, ASOS

As much as the girls' hats and dresses stole the stage, you can't forget to tie the look together with an amazing purse. Invest in a sassy one of bright silver, accented with a single pink pompom. Cher would absolutely, 100 percent approve.

Are you ready to get your Valley Girl on?

Images: Courtesy Brands