Proof That Mason Disick Is Just Like His Dad

It's official: Mason has become just like his dad, Scott Disick. Sure, he has half of Scott's DNA, but it's still kind of freaky how alike they are. In a video posted to Khloé Kardashian's Snapchat, it appears that Mason Disick has mastered the Todd Kraine's impression. If you're asking yourself "Who?!", you're clearly not a diehard Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan. This may be the most full-circle moment in Kardashian-Jenner history. It's also proof that Mason inherited his dad's sense of humor — thank goodness.

Since it's not fair to keep people on the outside of an inside joke, allow me to explain. Todd Kraines is Kris Jenner's old family-friend. In the earlier years of KUWTK, Scott teamed up with Kourtney Kardashian and her sisters to prank their mom. In the goofiest voice possible, he'd call Jenner and say, "It's me! Todd Kraines!" He'd creepily refer to her as Auntie Kris, and she did everything she could to dodge his calls. Sure enough, she eventually finds out it's just her kids playing a prank on her.

I swear, it's actually funnier than it sounds and has become a recurring joke on the series. The real Todd Kraines (yes, he actually exists!) appeared on the show and was a good sport about the ongoing prank. To help you get the gist, here's Disick's impression from the early KUWTK days. The video quality is poor, but the humor is not.

Bringing the situation full-circle, you can see Mason's impression below. It's so awesome and adorable to see that he's keeping the family joke alive.

Seriously, I cannot handle how much Mason looks like Scott here. From his hat to his necklace to his face, he's definitely following in his dad's footsteps. Of all the life lessons that he'll surely pass on to his son, I don't think any can trump the Todd Kraines impression. It's like a comedic version of a family heirloom and I cannot get enough of it.

All of the applause for Kourt and Scott's oldest son. I don't doubt that Mason is a star in the making. In fact, I'm actually a little nervous to see the future pranks he, Penelope, and Reign play on their own parents.

Image: Scott Disick/Instagram