Nicole & Corey Are Hooking Up On 'Big Brother 18'

Nicole and Corey got caught making out on Big Brother Wednesday night, when Paul wandered into their room late at night to talk about Frank. Corey and Nicole's showmance has been going strong since the start of BB18 when Nicole picked Corey to be a member of her team. They've been inseparable ever since, and, even though Nicole swore she wouldn't let romance distract her from playing the Big Brother game this time around, it looks like she just couldn't resist the pull of Corey. Still, a showmance is called a showmance for a reason — it's for show, and fans have been wondering if Corey and Nicole were really together, or if it was just for the cameras. Well, we finally have our answer: Nicole and Corey are hooking up on Big Brother , and now we have proof.

After Michelle won the Power of Veto on Big Brother, Paul started getting paranoid that she would actually take Frank off the block, and that James would put him up as a pawn. Nervous, and full of aggressive energy, Paul walked straight into Nicole and Corey's room, Paulie hot on his heels, only to find Nicole and Corey engaging in some PG-13 activities. Now, as far as we know, they were just making out (that, at least, was clearly visible thanks to those night-vision cameras), but, if that's what they do every night, who knows how far they've gone? Paul and Paulie didn't seem to notice, which suggests that either Corey and Nicole have been hooking up all along, or Paul just didn't notice.

Well, Paul might not have noticed, but viewers sure did.

If you were grossed out by watching Nicole and Corey get close on national television, something tells me you should probably keep off the live feeds. Here's hoping Hayden isn't watching!

Images: Bill Inoshita/CBS