Michelle Almost Saved Frank On 'Big Brother 18'

Things got a little crazy in the Big Brother house on Wednesday night after Michelle won the Power of Veto. It was a tense competition, with both Frank and Bridgette fighting hard to win that POV, hoping to get at least one of them off the block. But, with the entire house against them, they didn't really have a chance, at least that's what everyone thought. HOH James, Da'Vonne, Paulie, and all the other remaining BB18 houseguests were thrilled when Michelle clinched that POV win, thinking that she wouldn't go against her allies in the house (i.e. everybody except Frank and Bridgette). And then Frank got to her. Michelle almost saved Frank on Big Brother with her POV, and that would have been disastrous.

Michelle surprised viewers when she considered taking Frank off the block, especially considering the fact that the entire house hates him. Michelle hasn't really been a key player in the game thus far, so the idea that she would go out on a limb for Frank, knowing that saving him would leave her with almost no allies in the house, was shocking. But, when she explained her reasoning, it got even worse. Speaking to viewers, and later to Bridgette, Michelle admitted that she didn't like Bridgette because she felt that Bridgette had taken Frank from her. Michelle wanted to work with Frank, but felt slighted when he got close to Bridgette. Could the POV be her chance to take Frank off the block and get Bridgette sent home?

Michelle ended up deciding not to use her POV, leaving Frank and Bridgette on the block and at risk of being evicted. It was the right move, and one that Michelle won't regret. If she had used her Veto on Frank, she would have made enemies out of everyone else in the house — something she considered when making her decision. Not only would it have ruined her game, but it would have also sentenced the entire house to yet another week of Frank, which means another week of insane drama.

Just because Michelle chose not to use her Veto on Frank doesn't mean she still won't try to keep him in the house for another week. At the end of the episode, she promised that she would do everything to try to turn the house against Bridgette. So, if Bridgette goes home, at least we know who Frank can blame.

Images: Bill Inoshita/CBS; Giphy