Serena May Have Given Drake A Sneaky Compliment

When it comes to tennis, you can easily do a Google search and read about Serena Williams' impressive record. As for her love life, the answers are a little more gray. For example, while she was rumored to have dated Drake last year, it's unclear what exactly happened between them. But in a new video, Williams seemingly gave Drake a shoutout and it's enough to make fans' hearts flutter. For Vogue, the tennis champ answered 73 questions — and when it came to the funniest person she knows, she smiled and said, "Aubrey."

For those of you who didn't grow up obsessing over Drizzy's Degrassi role, here's a fun fact: His real name is Aubrey Graham. When Williams smiled and name-dropped him, she referred to him by his actual name — that's a special level of closeness. Of course, there are plenty of other Aubreys in the world, but it sure seems like she's talking about Drake. And if so, it's a sweet shoutout you'd miss if you weren't paying close attention. But still, even if it doesn't confirm that Williams and Drake dated at one point, this shows that they're close friends, in the very least. Because come on, she said he's the funniest person. It's a major compliment. Of all the people she knows — ranging from Kim Kardashian to Beyoncé — she decided to choose him. Who knew he was so hilarious?

Skip ahead to the 1:15 mark to see for yourself:

Tell me that's not a major grin. Just check out this screenshot.

While it could signify something more, I'm going to go with the notion that these two are good friends. Perhaps he's so funny that she couldn't not smile. As for why it may not be in a more-than-friends way, when Williams was asked what the most romantic thing someone has ever done for her, she said, "It hasn't happened yet." Hmmm, based on how sentimental his lyrics are, wouldn't you expect Drake would do grand romantic gestures all the time? I would sure hope so. So maybe they're not romantically linked anymore (or maybe they never actually were), but they are definitely acquainted.

Regardless, it warms my heart to see that subtle Drizzy name drop. Sorry Rihanna, but I'll never stop shipping these two.

Image: Vogue/YouTube