12 'Pokemon' Quotes That Will Inspire You To Catch 'Em All

While re-watching Pokemon, the iconic show that defined our '90s childhoods, I realized that there were some huge nuggets of wisdom lodged between magical monster fights. You probably missed the best quotes from Pokemon because you were too busy salivating at the dope adventures Ash and his friends went on. Well, if you took a look at the show now, you'd be surprised to find that there are various quotes more inspirational than any motivation speaker you'll encounter.

I can't quite put a finger on it, but Pokemon just doesn't get old. Maybe it's because of the resurgence of its fan base due to the release of "Pokemon Go", or maybe it's our inner child clamoring for that nostalgic feeling — either way, Pokemon is here to stay. And since you are most likely neck deep in "Pokemon Go," this article filled with Pokemon quotes will 100 percent motivate you to become a real life Pokemon Master. Please ask your loved ones for forgiveness and don't tell them where I live. I'm just as into the game as you, and so far it's not looking like I'm letting up anytime soon.

So join me in looking at the best quotes from Pokemon and get even more pumped to go on PokeHunts at night. You never know, maybe all of the wisdom you read up on will help your journey. Or maybe you'll quit your job and become a full-time Pokemon trainer? You just never know what Pokemon will bring around.

1. Eyes On The Prize

This 10-year-old knows what he wants and goes after it! If I learned anything in my 20s it's that this works.

2. Life Lessons

Taking too long to make a decision will cost you. The earliest bird gets the worm, after all.

3. Gary Oak Knows How To Get Under Your Skin

Just in case you were hoping to get more amazing quotes from Gary Oak, this video compilation is your new jam.

DarthSaws on YouTube

The art of trash talk should not be ignored.

4. Peace and Love

How about that moment when we all wanted to collectively cry over the wisdom of Meowth?

5. The Gift Of Life

That's deep stuff for a kid's show.

6. Live And Live Some More

While this was from a Pokemon game, it still counts!

7. It's What You Do With Your Life That Matters

I'm getting teary-eyed reading a Reddit page? When did this start being a thing?

8. Boys Vs Girls


Misty was always way ahead of the curve on things.

9. Try Something New


If Brock can make this into an actual thing, you can ask for a promotion.

10. Be More Assertive


It's your time to shine. If you need help, you'll ask for it yourself.

11. When All Else Fails


If you are truly struggling as a Pokemon Trainer, this quote might be the best thing for you. When all else fails, just communicate!

12. Know Yourself

Get comfortable in your own skin. Know your limits.

Now go catch 'em all!

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