ColourPop's Churro Highlight Is Making A Comeback

Hold onto your makeup bags, because something huge is happening. ColourPop is gearing up their online shop in a big way. Do you remember that gorgeous tie-dye highlight from ColourPop? Well, Churro is making a surprise comeback! Get those wallets ready, because it'll hit the virtual shops sooner than you might think.

If you were gearing up for the restock of ColourPop's tie-dye eyeshadows, then you'll also have something else to add to your cart. The fan favorite Churro highlighter is coming back for the third time. You know, the gorgeous golden-bronze swirled color that Twitter fans picked and named. According to their Snapchat, the tie dye cheek shine is coming back on July 29 at 1pm EST. That's the same time that ColourPop's tie-dye shadows restock too. It'll also be in the highest quantity that they've had so far too. That means that you'll have the best chances of scoring Churro than ever before.

As if that's not already enough, the throwback tie-dye eyeshadows will also hit the virtual shop at the exact same time. Both of the multi-colored products sold out within minutes every other time that they launched, so you won't want to miss this opportunity. There's also a good possibility that this will be the last chance to shop ever.

They didn't leave fans guessing for long before they shared the good news.

Are you excited yet? Because I am! ColourPop made it clear that this product was not here to stay the first time around. Actually, the only reason it got restocked at all is because people used the power of social media to request a restock.

This is not a drill, people! It's time to set those alarms and pray to the makeup Gods that you get your hands on one of these.

Image: ColourPopCo/Twitter (1), ColourPopCo/Snapchat (1)