Twitter Reacts To Sophie Turner's Platinum Blonde Hair & It's Pretty Hilarious — PHOTOS

Winter actually is coming, guys, but the platinum blonde summer hair trend isn't fading any time soon. Game of Thrones fans cannot stop talking about Sansa's stark change of appearance (see what I did there?) and, to be honest, everyone is a little heartbroken. Here's how Twitter reacts to Sophie Turner's platinum blonde hair, because it's bright enough to make any Lannister proud.

Sophia Turner plays the eldest Stark daughter in HBO's Game of Thrones, and her character is most easily recognized by her long, strawberry blonde and red hair. It's beautiful, but not strong enough to withstand the unstoppable bleach blonde trend we've seen everywhere this summer. From Ashley Olsen to Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone and Taylor Swift, it seems like everyone is going lighter. Turner debuted platinum locks on her personal Instagram account on Friday, July 29 and people went nuts.

Blonde is personal to GoT fans, so they have to wonder if an secret and shocking plot twist is brewing. Not to mention, everyone is in awe of how Turner could give up such strikingly beautiful and rare red hair. Hey, it's only dye! I'm more worried about a potential Lannister alliance. What does it mean? Guess we'll have to wait and find out.

In the meantime, the Internet is mourning the temporary loss of one of the most beautiful redheads of hair this world has ever seen.

Grab your Kleenex.

The funny thing is, people don't realize that Turner is actually a blonde in real life!

But of course, she's not this blonde.

Can't wait to find out what it all means!