12 Things You Think Before Your Final College Year

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You're almost there — so almost there you can taste it, and you're suffering from some serious senioritis. But it's OK! Going back to school can be awesome, especially when you know the real world lies just on the other side of the educational bulwark. The "real world" — you know the one. It's that super adult-y thing you've been dying to become a part of for ages. The one that holds all the possibilities for your future, the one you've been dreaming about since you first slammed your bedroom door and screamed some nonsense about how you'll "show them all" once you can get out there and prove yourself. Well, the diem is almost yours to carpe, my friend, but first, you'll have to conquer your final year in college.

Despite our different circumstances and individual experiences, there are a few universal notions we're bound to ponder as we enter our last year of post-high school academia. It's two solid semesters marked by frazzled nerves, rallying for nights at your favorite dive bar (because Adult You would want College You to enjoy one last car bomb) and a healthy dollop of existential confusion to keep you humble; does it feel like your mind is on warp speed right about now?

Chances are, some variation of these thoughts are going to keep your brain buzzing from the end of summer 'til the day that glorious diploma is hanging on your wall. Rest assured, we've all been here.

1. Wow, my last year as a student... this is really going to be bittersweet.

Yeah, I'm certainly going to miss the comfort of my routine, and being a big fish in a small pond has its perks, but... I'm ready to kick life's ass, so lemme at it.

2. Wait, the 8 a.m. lecture takes attendance?

This does not bode well.

3. God, this is going to be the longest year. I swear, if I so much as hear the word "Scantron" one more time I might lose it.

After nearly two decades of standardized testing, I've had it with the No. 2s.

4. I can't believe I got away with skipping out on a foreign language course — for FOUR YEARS. HA.

Oh, man, it really does pay to familiarize yourself with every graduation requirement loophole.

5. I need to remember it's OK if I can't get a job in my field right away, there's always grad school. No need to panic.

Am I down for grad school? Hell yeah, I'm down for grad school! I don't have to pursue my career right away, there's so much to learn.

6. Career student is definitely a thing. I am not worried. At all. PhD would look great after my name anyway. I mean, if it comes to that.

Yep, no pressure. I picked the right major. Totally. It's fine. I love studying! Well, future me will learn to love studying after a year of unemployment...

7. I don't care what that paperwork says, there has to be a way to get those loans forgiven — has to be.

Loans, shmoans, that's what I always say. There's a loophole in every contract. Just ask me about getting out of my foreign language requirement for graduation, wink wink, nudge nudge.

8. Wait — I DO need a foreign language course?!

To do: Make appointment with grad counselor.

9. I should probably get the flu shot while I'm still on my parents' insurance.

Surely, that will help me build up the immunities I need to bridge that dangerous gap between being covered by the 'rents and getting on my own plan.

10. I'm really gonna have to take a few more stabs at strobing before I debut that look under fluorescent lights.

This is definitely the year I look put together in class. This is the year!

11. No more dorms... Or assigned roommates...

From here on out, I live alone! And by alone I mean probably with my family for several months while I struggle to get on my feet and after that I'll have a string of suspicious roommates who come with a string of suspicious boyfriends but after that I live alone!

12. Finding myself sounds amazing and all, but... can't I stay lost just a little bit longer?

I may be young, and somewhat naive of what life has in store for me, but I'm wise enough to know that the ignorance of youth has its perks. Observing the passage of time while being young enough to know I've got everything ahead of me is definitely one of them.

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