Is The Battery Saver In "Pokemon Go" Gone? The App's Update Removed The Feature For iOS Users

If you've been catching Pokemon on the incredibly popular augmented reality game "Pokemon Go" lately, you might have noticed the app's recent big update has changed some aspect of the game. Namely, you might find yourself wondering: Where is the battery saver in "Pokemon Go"? Like most apps that are heavily dependent on using smartphones' GPS capabilities, "Pokemon Go" isn't easy on your battery; as such, many users were surprising to see the battery saver option was no longer available after updating the app on Sunday.

The absence of the battery saver feature appears only to affect iOS users; it's apparently still available for Android users, according to many outlets. It's not entirely clear yet why the change was made, or whether it's going to be a permanent one, and Niantic, Inc., which makes the app, has not yet commented on the feature's disappearance. (Bustle has reached out to Niantic and will update this post if we hear back.) However, there are a few theories buzzing around the internet: For example, Eurogamer theorizes that the removal of the battery saver is likely a "temporary fix" until more issues with the feature are resolved. Meanwhile, Jed Whitaker over at Destructoid noted, "Every other time [iOS users] used [the battery saver], the screen would just outright stop responding till you restarted the app," suggesting that the removal of the battery saver is no surprise due to its buggy nature.


While there are, of course, many tips on how to save your phone battery while you play "Pokemon Go," many users enjoyed having a feature built right into the app to help reserve your phone's energy. It was useful both if you wanted to prolong your playing time and to make sure your phone still worked for, you know, the things a smartphone is built for (checking your email, making phone calls, etc.). If you're a real super fan, you can get some pretty Pokemon-centric portable phone chargers and battery packs, which can help; however, having a low power mode available directly in the game was undoubtedly a plus for many. Here's hoping it makes a reappearance in a new and improved form later, instead of disappearing entirely.


Aside from the battery saver removal, there was a slew of other updates to the "Pokemon Go" app over the weekend; for instance, the footprints key that helps users track Pokemon appears to be gone, as well. In terms of new features, "Pokemon Go" now warns users about entering "dangerous areas" when you open the app. Users can also see refinements in gym animations and the Pokemon details screen — and perhaps most exciting of all, you have the new ability to re-customize your avatar from the Trainer profile screen. More changes are likely to come, so we can probably expect the app to continue evolving over time — just like an Eeevee.

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