This Hillary Clinton Coloring Book From SheKnows Reminds Girls They Can Be President In The Best Way Possible

There's a new coloring book out, and its pages aren't filled with your typical animals or fairy tale castles. The Hillary Clinton Coloring Book from SheKnows has a more political message — and an important one at that. It teaches girls that they can be whatever they want when they grow up, including president.

The book contains pictures of the Democratic presidential nominee (and the first female major-party nominee ever) in powerful, creative, and sometimes humorous settings. In one page inspired by Game of Thrones, she's riding a dragon over the White House, while another shows her as the famous feminist figure Rosie the Riveter. Several, including one with her face on Mount Rushmore and another with her sitting in Abraham Lincoln's chair in the Lincoln Memorial, show her in historically male positions. One playful page asks you to color in her hairstyles to poke fun at the undue focus placed on her appearance. (The most common Google search before she accepted the nomination at the Democratic National Convention was "What will Hillary wear tonight?")

The book is available online in full, so anyone who wants can print it out for no charge whatsoever. Melissa Kirsch, Deputy Editor of, tells Bustle over email that it's geared toward both kids and adults. Kids can learn about politics and women's rights during playtime, and adults can have fun with it too, because you're never too old for coloring books. Or, both can use it together. "I’ve heard from a bunch of moms that they’re printing the Hillary Clinton coloring book out to color in with their daughters," she says. "This coloring book is far from a boring history lesson, so it kind of hits that perfect spot where the timeless childhood joy of scribbling meets the of-the-moment stress-relieving adult coloring book craze."

Though many women have rightfully questioned Hillary Clinton's status as a representative of feminism as well as her stances on a number of issues, she does teach us one thing: That despite all the obstacles placed in front of them, women can be prominent politicians and even presidential nominees. And if women can do that, they can do anything.

If Hillary Clinton's not your thing, though, SheKnows has a number of coloring books out there that showcase powerful women. One features Ruth Bader Ginsburg on a unicorn, because there's no combination like fantasy and the Supreme Court. Another, titled the #SquadGoals Coloring Book, showcases famous groups of female friends.

While the Hillary Clinton images have all sorts of symbolic meanings, one motive behind it was highly practical, says Kirsch: "We hope the soothing practice of coloring in Hillary dressed as Supergirl makes the next ~100 days between now and the election a little less anxiety-producing." That's something a lot of us could use.

Images: Courtesy of SheKnows