What Does Hayden Think Of Corey On ‘BB18’?

I’m sure you noticed the awkward moment on Thrusday night’s Big Brother. It was just as uncomfortable as any other showmance moment, except, this time, it was a showmance triangle. Because when Hayden Voss came back to show his support for Nicole on Big Brother 18, he didn't have much to say about Corey in particular. Considering that Hayden and Nicole formed a showmance during Season 16 of the show — and that they were in that showmance for a good year and a half after their season ended — having an ex-boyfriend come back to comment on your game play (which involves one of the season’s most serious showmances) feels like all kinds of weird to me. What does Hayden think of Corey on Big Brother 18? This former contestant must have some opinions on his ex’s new love, even if he didn't fully express them during the segment, right?

Actually, it doesn’t seem like he does. Voss has been rather quiet ever since the new season of Big Brother started on June 22. That was the last time that Hayden tweeted to the world and the last time that he posted anything on Instagram. Talk about radio silence. I’m not entirely sure what to read into his total lack of comments on social media about Nicole and her gameplay during this season of Big Brother, but he did have something to say about it when he returned to tape a segment for Thursday night’s show.

In a pre-taped interview, Hayden admitted that it was “absolutely weird watching Nicole” be involved in new showmance. But that was as far as the former contestant would take it. He didn’t mention Corey or how Nicole’s showmance with him has become her main strategy. Turning on his charm and consideration, Voss then said she do whatever makes her happy, adding, “Nicole, I’m rooting for you! I hope you win!”

It seems to me, from what Nicole said about why her relationship ended with Hayden (he apparently didn't want kids) combined with the fact that Hayden was willing to come on the show to lend his support for Nicole, that he likely wouldn't have anything bad to say about Corey. Judging from his ability to go out of his way to encourage Nicole even as she's entering into a new showmance, I would think that Hayden had nothing but nice things to say about the guy. Hayden just seems like a nice guy in general.

The fact that Hayden is staying mum on Nicole’s other half this season honestly makes me love Hayden even more. Clearly he’s interested in Nicole taking it all the way and is willing to put aside his own feelings to root for her former flame. Now if that isn’t true Big Brother love, I don’t know what is.

Image: CBS