Da'Vonne Is In Trouble On 'Big Brother 18'

The return of Da'Vonne to Big Brother 18 has been successful for the poker dealer so far, as she's made it far longer than her two-week run on Big Brother 17, but is she about to run out of chips? After working diligently to turn the house against Frank and his "cabbage patch kid" Bridgette, Da'Vonne had her biggest victory yet when she managed to orchestrate Frank's eviction. While sending Bridgette out the door seemed like an easy follow-up, she instead found herself sitting on the block right next to Bridgette. Now that Da'Vonne is nominated for eviction, what does this mean for her game?

After Paulie managed to win the PoV nomination, the house stuck to their initial plan this week to backdoor Da'Vonne and she was put up by Paul, the HoH. Unsurprisingly, Da'Vonne is not pleased with this development as she spent most of the summer with the impression that the house was on her side. Now, between Nicole throwing her under the bus to Frank and her former teammate backdooring her, Da'Vonne is going to need to get creative to convince the house that she's worth keeping around another week. Here are a few tactics Da'Vonne could employ to save herself in this dire time.

Convince The House They Need Her

Da'Vonne is a pretty major threat in the house and carries a lot of favor with other houseguests. While that influence may have diminished over time, there's still a chance that Da'Vonne could remind everyone why she was so useful to them in the first place. Da'Vonne has a lot of information she can dish out, and if she can prove to be a reliable source of info to those in power, they may be inclined to keep her over Bridgette.

Prove The Bridgette Is A Bigger Threat

Bridgette may have been the prime target once Frank got evicted, but it seems that things changed somewhere along the line. However, the Big Brother house can change directions like the wind if the right person is in charge. All Da'Vonne has to do is remind the house of who of the two nominees has won comps in the past and been Head of Household before, showing that Bridgette may actually be a bigger threat than she seems.

Have A Round Trip Ticket

Big Brother's latest twist in a summer full of surprises could prove to be Da'Vonne's saving grace. Everyone in the house has the chance to receive a ticket that could save them from Eviction. One houseguest will be gifted with the round-trip ticket, meaning that they could re-enter the house immediately after being evicted. While Da'Vonne would still have to fight for her game upon returning, it still gives her another week in the house. That, of course, assumes she has the ticket in the first place.

Da'Vonne's Big Brother game so far has been a sea change from her game on BB17. She's playing smarter, speaking more selectively, and allowing herself to step back from the game on occasion. However, now that the house has caught on to her game, Mama Day needs nothing short of a miracle to stay in the Big Brother house. However, the Big Brother is no stranger to huge surprises, and Mama Day may yet see another week in the Big Brother house if she plays smart and gets lucky.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS