Twitter Freaked Over The Kylie B-Day Collection

If Kylie Jenner's fans are anything, they're super passionate about Jenner, her clothes, her makeup, and most of all, her Kylie Cosmetics products. And when Jenner decided to celebrate her 19th birthday with a limited-edition Birthday Collection? I thought it might break the Internet. Jenner's latest products predictably sold out almost instantly, and her fans were disappointed, even though this is pretty par for the course for Jenner's new product launches. But still, Twitter's reactions to the Birthday Collection selling out so quickly were one of the funniest parts of my day.

Jenner's fans love to share how they fared when she launches new products. From the triumphant screenshots of their completed order pages to the hilarious celebration GIFs to the ubiquitous disappointed fan tweeting at Jenner and the company about not getting the product they want, there's always plenty of material to scroll through. Her fans never disappoint, and sure enough, their reactions to the Birthday Collection selling out completely in less than 30 minutes were hilarious as always.

Despite the fact that the complete birthday bundle cost $195, fans didn't let that stop them from scooping up the package and helping it sell out in about a minute.

Twitter definitely had some thoughts about that:

Better luck on Thursday, disappointed fans. And for the lucky ones — be sure to share your secrets for next time.