Tom Brady Is Missing The Rio Olympic Festivities

It's time for the best summer celebration of them all, the 2016 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. One of the most exciting aspects of this Olympic opening ceremony, though, are the sports celebrities showing up in droves to support their country's teammates. Sadly for the United States, one of football's faves, quarterback Tom Brady, is noticeably absent from the opening ceremony. Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, will be featured in the proceedings tonight as part of the Brazilian festivities. While the nature of Bundchen's role was a hot topic in the weeks leading up to tonight's main event, perhaps the hottest question in the Brad-Bundchen household is, "Why isn't Tom Brady in Rio with his wife?"

It seems that Brady has chosen to stay home while his wife went onward to participate in the opening ceremony. The only clue we have that the couple are celebrating the Olympic opening ceremony apart was Bundchen's adorable Instagram dedicated to her hubby. In it, she wrote, "We miss you and wish we could be with you today. Sending you all our love." Too adorable, right?

It seems this is all a matter of timing for the celeb couple; this time around, professional duties mean they're celebrating the opening ceremony apart rather than together.

The summer games are kicking off with a spectacular opening ceremony. Did you see those awesome holographic pillow drums during the opening countdown? We've already seen some fun pop culture-meets-sports things in the run up to the Olympic opening ceremony: the release of Katy Perry's epic Olympic anthem, "Rise," Serena Williams spreading the love to her fellow athletes and, of course, Ryan Lochte being very Lochte-esque (#Jeah!).

It looks like so much fun in Rio right now that I kind of wish I could hop through my television screen and join the festivities. Without a doubt, these proceedings are working to get us in the right mood for the ensuing sporting goodness.