'The Girl On The Train' Just Got A Dark Makeover

A bestseller from the moment it arrived in January 2015, Paula Hawkins' debut novel, The Girl on the Train just got a dark new cover for its movie tie-in edition. I've got Emily Blunt's suspenseful cover photo below, plus info on how you can get your hands on the new edition of The Girl on the Train.

Hawkins' novel centers on Rachel Watson: a commuter who people-watches on her daily train rides. She's particularly interested in a couple she's dubbed Jess and Jason. They eat breakfast outside every day, and Rachel daydreams about what their perfect life together must be like.

That all changes when Rachel believes she sees a woman murdered from the window of the speeding train. The woman, Megan Hipwell, turns out to be person she links of as "Jess." As the story unfolds, readers begin to doubt Rachel's version of events, and are left wondering what really happened to the woman she watches every day.

The Girl on the Train film adaptation stars Emily Blunt and Haley Bennett as Rachel and Megan. Laura Prepon, Rebecca Ferguson, Luke Evans, Allison Janney, and Justin Theroux round out the cast. You can see The Girl on the Train in theaters on October 7.

Pick up your copy of The Girl on the Train movie tie-in edition on August 23, wherever books are sold.

Image: Movieclips Trailers/YouTube