I Used Only Pokemon Quotes On Tinder & Here's What Happened

Since the "Pokemon Go" craze hit the U.S. last month, we've seen several ways "Pokemon Go" and dating pretty much go together like Netflix and chilling. From Pokemon-themed dating apps and "Pokemon Go" first dates to accounts of people meeting IRL while playing the game, it's safe to say the augmented reality game is turning into dating app singles have always wanted.

The app, which has quickly become the biggest mobile game in U.S. history, not only gets people outside, moving, and talking to new people, it has Millennials reminiscing over when they played it on Gameboy, watched the TV show with their siblings, or saw the movie with friends. Who doesn't have some sort of Pokemon memory from the '90s? I was in seventh grade when the first movie came out and I remember freaking out after my crush sat down next to me when we saw it with a group of friends. OMG we're going to talk throughout the entire movie! We're going to have so many more inside jokes we can use on AIM! Maybe he'll even put his arm around me! He actually fell asleep during the previews and snored during the entire thing.

So with Pokemon holding such a special place in hearts and now working its way into the dating scene, I set out on another challenge — with no damn pidgeys involved —to find out what happens when you only use only Pokemon lingo and quotes on the OG of dating apps.

The Challenge:

After gathering some quotes from the theme song, TV show and movies, along with changing my tagline to reflect my Pokemission, I realized I was really setting myself up for a challenge here. The majority of the Pokemon quotes I came across were surprisingly serious, inspirational, and sometimes even sad.

I also feared the task could be too limiting. It would be difficult to work with the typical "Hey, how's it going?" opener because the quotes were so ~deep~. But if "Pokemon Go" has taught me anything it's that I'm always up for a challenge (and to pay attention to my surroundings).

Here's what happened when I used Pokemon lines on the guys of Tinder.

1. Things Got Pretty Serious

Pokepun game strong.

2. Things Got Bilingual

Even Pokemon quotes sound better in Italian. (Voglio essere il migliore = I want to be the very best)

3. Things Got Emotional

I think he's intrigued by my mystery.

4. I Offered Practical Advice

"...yeah" is an actual Pokemon quote BTW, and it's one I'm thankful for.

5. Miscommunications Arose

He knows what he did.

6. Not Everyone Was At My Level (Or Misty's Technically)

We're just at different places in life.

7. Things Got Real

Nope, hate fun.

8. But Some Weren't Having It

...and I thought we started off on the same page, too.

9. Strange Pickup Lines Worked

My new go-to opener.

10. I Found A Support System

He's got a point.

11. I Got Busted

Can't catch 'em all, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯