You Missed the 'The Bachelor' Finale. Now What?

To quote the storied philosopher Juan Pablo Galavis, "The day has COME… Finally TODAY the soap opera comes to an END…" Of course, by storied philosopher I mean the current Bachelor, and the day he's so excited/angry about (it's hard to tell) is The Bachelor 's 2-hour season finale. On Monday, Juan Pablo gave out his final rose, and all of your friends/acquaintances/co-workers are talking about it. But if you didn't catch the finale, and the following "After the Rose" special, live, there are still ways to watch before it's ruined for you.

Whether you'll be busy from 8 to 11 p.m. on Monday night or don't have a TV, rest assured you will find out who is doomed chosen to spend their life with Juan Pablo, and you will find out from the Bachelor's own words, not your chatty deskmate.

Here are your options for watching the Bachelor after its aired.


ABC posts their shows on the standard, free Hulu the day after they air, and keep the most recent five episodes available. That means if you're already behind, you can catch up and by tomorrow morning you'll be able to watch the finale and "After the Rose" without a problem.

There are usually some clips and highlights from each episode available as well, which are perfect for sitting in a group and laughing/wincing at all the wacky/offensive things Juan Pablo is bound to say.

On Demand

If you have cable and are only missing the finale because of, you know, life, you can still watch the finale without a DVR or other fancy recording device. Most cable companies have network shows On Demand for free, including The Bachelor. The finale should be available the day after it airs and as a bonus, On Demand tends to have even less commercials than Hulu. Just check with your cable provider to make sure that they have ABC On Demand.


This is another option that only works for people who already have cable and just happen to miss The Bachelor finale. ABC posts full episodes on their website the day after they air, but for the first week, you have to login using your cable subscription information to watch. After one week, anyone can watch, but by then, Juan Pablo and his bride will be old news.


Like the ABC website, the official ABC app makes you login with your cable provider information to access videos (although, technically, it just needs a subscriber's information, not necessarily yours). Once logged in, you can watch ABC live or On Demand from whatever device you want, the app works on Apple products, as well as Kindle, Android and Windows 8.

And if all else fails, ees okay, just have someone else tell you about it. At the end of the day, all you need to know is one girl's name (and perhaps her address, to send help).

Image: ABC