You Need To Follow Hiddles' New Instagram Account

Sure, the Olympics are happening, USA is winning gold medals, and *NSYNC is reuniting, but something else very important has just happened, people of the world: Tom Hiddleston joined Instagram and it has been a long time coming. To remind some fair-weather Hiddleston fans, before he was "Taylor Swift's boyfriend," Hiddleston was a brilliant actor with impeccable dance moves and charming bromances, which are all also very good things. So far, he's only posted one photo on his account, but I foresee that Hiddleston's Instagram is one that you should be following, and for many reasons.

In the past, Hiddleston hasn't had the best opinion of social media, and told Collider, "I try to stay away from it to be honest because I think it becomes a distorted reflection." Excuse me! Well, the tides have seemed to change and I like to think that maybe his new boo T. Swift had a little bit to do with that. Swift isn't one to shy away from flaunting her life on Tumblr and Instagram and Twitter, so it's about time that Hiddles joins the modern world and do as his GF does, don't you think? I think that, like other parts of his life, Hiddleston will keep his Instagram very real, and he should be followed because I think he'll be posting some pretty awesome things on his feed.

He Will Post On-Set Photos

His first post already is captioned "He's back!" and it shows that he's got the perfect cheekiness for Instagram. He is teasing a bit of his Loki look in Thor, which he is currently filming the sequel to. I suspect Chris Hemsworth will pop up sometime soon.

His Feminist Flag Will Fly Even Higher

He will totally use Instagram to lend his support to women as he has so much in the past. I want another photo of his "This Is What A Feminist Looks Like" shirt! He made it look very good.

Cute Snaps With T. Swift

We have gotten some candids of this couple, and an Instagram from Swift's friend (above) when they were cuddled up, but nothing on either of their personal social media yet. Come on, Hiddles, the time is now! Post a selfie with bae!

Some Dancing To His Favorite Songs

Snapchat and Instagram are the perfect grounds for posting lip syncing videos to your favorite songs (à la Kylie Jenner), but I totally imagine that Hiddleston might give fans a little treat and bust out those dance moves he loves so much. It would definitely brighten up my day.

Re-kindling Of His Bromances

It's been a minute since I've seen Hiddleston and his bestie, Benedict Cumberbatch, together and goofing around, so a reunion photo should be in order very soon.

Selfies. All The Beautiful Selfies

Well, he's got the Instagram selfie look down already...

An Insight Into His Charity Work

Hiddleston is very passionate about sharing the charities he supports on Twitter, so it's great that he now has another platform to spread the word even further, and encourage others to lend a helping hand on a broader spectrum. Ugh, he's perfect.

I don't know about you, but I am excited I get to see more of him on social media! The more Tom Hiddleston, the merrier.

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