This Woman's Romantic Photoshoot With Her Job Offer Is #Goals

Facebook is a great place for posting celebratory announcements for family and friends, and while most of the time they're reserved for declarations of a new relationship or a pregnancy reveal, one woman had a romantic photoshoot with her job offer and posted it online. I honestly cannot contain myself. What a champion! Not only was she proudly showing off her brand new job news, she was elevating it to the same status as all other major life changes women go through. It's truly inspiring.

Benita Abraham is my personal hero. I say this with absolute resolve because no story this week has put a bigger smile on my face. With so many societal pressures placed on women, we often forget to celebrate the big victories. Instead of celebrating we are off fighting another battle. Not Benita. Benita showed all of us that getting the dream job should be elevated to the same degree as a wedding or a baby shower or any other more "photo-worthy" milestones. And she's 100 percent right! We should all be taking as much pride in our accomplishments as this.

As someone who was unemployed for a while, I know just how hard it can be. Benita spent seven months looking for her dream job with a company that truly cares about its employees — and she found it! According to her Facebook post, it's also a job where she can learn a lot from her position. Basically a dream come true. This is her original post that blew up the internet in positivity.

Here you can see Benita spoofing the traditional engagement announcement. I have to say that all those other jobs that might have passed on her throughout the years should be very jealous at her happiness. She found a much better place that will treat her right!

Ah! The classic beach picture. The cool breeze flowing through her hair, as the water sings happy tunes about how awesome Benita is for getting that job. Makes me want to go out there and look for a great job of my own, you know? Also, below is the timeline of the love affair!

The timeline spells out the job interview dates as well as the official start date for Benita's new job. I'm sure everyone in the office is going to get her a welcome present since she just killed it on social media. The story is being picked up in a lot of places and for good reason. May we all be this celebratory of our professional goals as we are of our personal goals. Congrats to Benita!

Images: Facebook/Benita Abraham