What Your Fav '90s Cartoon Says About You

Oh the '90s, there is no getting over you or your glorious cartoons. Talking about your favorite '90s cartoon may not be a daily occurrence, but when it does come up, you know you are super passionate about the subject. You definitely watched more than one '90s cartoon — you grew up during the peak Nicktoon era, how could you not? — but there was a special show you couldn't miss. You remember the one where you over-related to all of the characters and never got tired of the reruns — you even still search out the classic episodes today. This is your favorite '90s cartoon, and it says way more about you than you think.

It is impossible for the media you consume not to reflect back on your personality in one way or another. If Doug was your absolute favorite cartoon as a kid then you obviously connected to Doug's imagination or ability to fall hard for a fellow student. You saw something in the characters or the storytelling that made Doug resonate with you on a deep enough level that years later you still look back fondly on the show. That's special and revealing.

The '90s cartoon you love the most provides a sneak peek at what makes you who you are. Read on to find out what your favorite '90s cartoon has to say about you.


When you heard about Pokemon Go it was like your letter to Hogwarts had finally arrived. You have a dynamic and adventurous personality with a natural curiosity that lends itself to a love of exploring. Thanks to years of watching (and playing) Pokemon, you have an excellent mind for both strategy and trivia. For you, passive entertainment just won't do, you crave experiences.

The Powerpuff Girls

You were a feminist before you fully understood what the word meant. There are few situations in life you don't feel comfortable taking control of, and while you may not save Townsville every week, people tend to look up to you as a hero all the same. Anyone who is as strong and determined as you are is bond to be admired.


When one of your friends needs a hug they come looking for you. Much like Doug Funnie, you are a wonderful friend with a sensitive soul. You also have an epic imagination that has led you into a career or hobby all about creativity. Sadly, with a vast imagination and unending well of kindness comes a heart that can easily be bruised. Take care of yourselves, Doug devotees.

Rocko's Modern Life

An old soul with a wicked sense of humor, you spend a lot of time appreciating or crafting memes on the subject of adulting. While you complain about your job and dating sometimes, in truth you relish being an adult. You were born ready for solo shopping trips, not being told what to do, and appreciating a good Sunday Funday to its fullest.

The Magic School Bus

You adored school growing up, and your love of learning has carried on through adulthood. There is nothing more interesting to you than fun facts and sharing them with everyone you know. You are a bright, positive person who took Miss Frizzle's advice to "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy" to heart.


There is an excellent chance you actually enjoy being outside. Recess played into your love for escaping the day to day grind. You make the most out of all of your free time, and sometimes that means volunteering and other times it means hiking. You are a socially conscious leader who knows how to work and play hard.


Your attention span is on the short side, making it hard for you to focus on any one thing for a long period of time unless you find it absolutely enthralling. You have been told on more than one occasion that you have peculiar tastes, but you would not have it any other way. A true individual, you have no patience for people who cannot keep up with you.

Hey Arnold!

Even as a child you gravitated toward stories and characters grounded in reality. You love big cities and meeting new people. To you, the world is teeming with stories just waiting to be told and you have made it your mission to seek as many of them out as you possibly can.


You have always felt a little bit like an outsider, but as you have gotten older, you have gotten better at finding communities where you feel accepted and valued. Because it has not always been easy for you to connect with people, you are deeply attuned to the needs of others. Your capacity for empathy knows no bounds, and whether it is through organizing conventions or volunteering with kids, you are always dedicating your time to helping others find a place to belong.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Halloween is your jam, and there is no scary movie you won't tackle. Your love for things that go bump in the night started with Ickis and his friends, and has only grown over time. It wasn't just the scares you loved though, you also loved the bond between Ickus, Oblina, and Krumm. As a result, you are the most loyal friend a person can have.

The Wild Thornberrys

You definitely prefer animals over people. If you could spend all of your days just hanging with your cat, you would be cool with that. However, just because you understand animals better than humans does not mean you are antisocial. Quite the contrary: You are an inquisitive friend who is always there for the ones you love.


Admit it, you have a squad and you guys have gone through every major life change together. Your friends are your family, and you share everything with them. You know life is at its richest when you surround yourself with the awesome people you love.

Who knew your favorite '90s cartoon would end up being so prophetic? It just goes to show, you really are what you watch sometimes.

Images: Walt Disney Television Animation; Giphy (12)