How To Tint Your Eyebrows Darker

Back in the ‘90s, people loved the pencil thin eyebrow look, but today, bold brows that are on fleek are the aim of the beauty game. To get your eyebrows looking elegant, you might be wondering how to tint your eyebrows darker. If so, you’ll be pleased to know I spoke with Brow Expert and Founder of Hibba Beauty Studio, Hibba Kapil, to discover how to do such a thing. Because, let’s be real here, if you mess up your brows, you can’t really hide your botched handiwork!

Although I’m definitely no eyebrow expert, growing up, tinting eyebrows lighter seemed to be the in thing, however, now it appears that darker brows are the trendiest type of female facial hair. It’s no surprise really with brow bosses such as Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner paving the way to eyebrow perfection, one pluck at a time. Once upon a time, the main eyebrow treatments you could get at a beauty salon were eyebrow tweezing and waxing. Nowadays, there’s a whole host of different ways to get your brows looking beaut, from threading, to eyebrow extensions, and more.

So if you want to add a little oomph to your eyebrows, Hibba Kapil explains how to tint your brows darker.

Kapil explains to me, "Tinting is an easy solution for giving the brows a fuller look right away. It saves us from the filling of brow that has to happen everyday – which can be time consuming." I certainly agree; sometimes I feel like I spend a huge chunk of my life coloring in my brows and I'm sure I'm not alone.

If you're new to brow tinting, Kapil recommends leaving your brows in the hands of the experts, "You can always tint at home if you're a pro but I'd say see a professional for the first few times." She explains, "At Hibba Beauty we use a natural semi-permanent tint that leaves brows looking much darker for about 2 weeks – even longer in winter since you aren't out in the sun as much and your brows will lighten."

However, if you feel confident enough to try tinting for yourself at home, of course, always follow the instructions on the product packaging. Kapil says, "When tinting you might want to leave on the dye for little less time. We usually take it off in 4 minutes to check the darkness effects. If you want a little darker, just re-apply right away for another set of 4 minutes." She adds, "It's definitely a quick pick me up for the brows!"

So as Kapil suggests, if you're new to brow tinting, get familiar with it by visiting a salon for the first few times, then when you feel ready, try tinting out for yourself at home!

Images: Atikh Bana (1), Kaci Baum (1), Alexandru Zdrobău (1), Sylvain Reygaerts (1) /Unsplash