The 11 Biggest Movies Still To Come This Year

Well, the summer movie season is almost over. There have been some highs (Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory), some lows (Independence Day: Resurgence, Alice Through the Looking Glass), and a lot of movies that fall somewhere in the middle (Star Trek Beyond, Ghostbusters, Jason Bourne). So overall, it's been a pretty average summer at the movies. But now that it's ending, fans might as well forget about going back to the cinema until May rolls around, right? Wrong! There are still a ton of movies left in 2016, including several films you'll be talking about this fall and winter.

Don't forget, the end of the year is traditionally when studios make their Oscar plays. That means you'll generally see more critically-acclaimed films at this time of year than in the summer. But if blockbusters are your thing, you'll still have plenty to feast on over the holidays as well, as more and more studios are moving tentpoles to November and December. In fact, some of the year's biggest potential blockbusters from Star Wars, Marvel, and the Harry Potter universe are all still to come. So check out these 11 movies coming to theaters this fall and winter that are sure to create some major buzz.

1. Snowden — Sept. 16

This biopic from Oliver Stone about the infamous NSA leaker is hitting at the right time, with the DNC leaks and Hillary Clinton's continuing email troubles still garnering headlines.

2. The Birth Of A Nation — Oct. 7

Speaking of timely, this critical darling looks to start a conversation on race relations in the U.S. at a time when racial tensions are all over the news.

3. The Girl On The Train — Oct. 7

Already being billed as this year's Gone Girl , Emily Blunt makes her case for an Oscar.

4. Doctor Strange — Nov. 4

Marvel's most visually ambitious film yet, and the introduction of fan-favorite actor Benedict Cumberbatch to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

5. Hacksaw Ridge — Nov. 4

The buzz around this film will focus on what's happening behind the camera, since it marks the first time the controversial Mel Gibson has directed a film in a decade.

6. Arrival — Nov. 11

Shades of Interstellar are all over this film's mysterious trailer, and the movie looks like it's going to tackle some big themes.

7. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them — Nov. 18

Will this be the next Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling looks to expand her wizarding world with this film, the first in a planned trilogy.

8. Moana — Nov. 23

Disney animated films are always an event; especially when they feature music by Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda.

9. La La Land — Dec. 2

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are always dynamite together, and this very artsy-looking musical from Whiplash's Damien Chazelle has a lot of potential.

10. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — Dec. 16

The return of Darth Vader alone is enough to make this potentially the biggest film of the year.

11. Passengers — Dec. 21

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This sci-fi film pairs two of the world's biggest and most likable movie stars in Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, who play the sole passengers on 120 year space journey that get woken up from their sleep pods 30 years into the mission; facing them with 90 years of only having each other for company.

The summer blockbuster season may be over, but when it comes to the movies of 2016, it seems they've saved the best for last.

Images: Fox Searchlight Pictures