Here's What's Left Of The Final Kylie Bday Restock

Gone, baby, gone. The final Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition restock has come and gone. The gold-drenched collection went on sale for the last time on Kylie Jenner's 19th birthday on August 10. I'll pause to allow you to sigh massively. The Bday Edition products were super popular from the start and sold out upon launch and during the restocks.

The set featured a black nylon makeup bag with the brand's signature dripping lips graphic, the maroon Leo Lip Kit, the gold Poppin Gloss and Lord Metal Matte, the Dark Bronze Kyliner Kit, two metallic creme shadows, a Mini Matte collection, and the Bday Bundle.

Now that the final restock is in the rearview, is the collection totally sold out? Are there any Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition products still available to shop?

Here's the sitch, guys. There are only three products remaining and —get this!— it's the same three products that have been the last to sell out during each restock. The black makeup bag, which I recently ordered myself, as well as the gold lippies, are still available. Everything else is sold out and supply is drained.

The makeup bag, which can totally double as a clutch, and the Poppin Kylie Gloss and the Lord Metal Matte are anything but consolation prizes or leftovers. It doesn't feel like everything has been picked over.

Perhaps Jenner produced additional stock of these particular products and that's why they haven't sold out yet.

Here is the current screenshot of the Bday Edition products. As you can see, that super cute makeup bag is still there for the taking.

Poppin and Lord are still available so you can dip your lips in gilded gorgeousness.

Perhaps Jenner will bring back some of the colors or the actual products in the regular Kylie Cosmetics packaging or as part of the regular repertoire of offerings. It may be the gold design and the Birthday Edition branding that were "limited edition" and "temporary."

Will we ever see the Creme Shadows again? Will the Leo Lip Kit be upgraded to permanent status? You never know. The popularity of this range may dictate its inclusion in the future and in the usual packaging. Then again, the products were heavily marketed as limited edish and it's not like Jenner and her brand were using that language to get customers to shop impulsively. Maybe Jenner wanted to create a range that existed solely during a certain time and place.

Anything is possible. Stay tuned for more stuff from Kylie Cosmetics, like her new Lip Kits which drop at the end of the month.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (4); Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics (2)