The Best Graphic Tees About Makeup

It's not difficult to show your love for makeup considering that it's on your face. However, sometimes we makeup addicts want to take it to the next level, and that's OK. After all, the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. These seven graphic tees about makeup are going to allow you to show off your love of all things beauty and look killer while you do it. From lipstick junkies to mascara mavens, there's a graphic tee about makeup out there for everyone, and I'm going to get you on the path to finding it.

Maybe it's just me, but it sure feels like the universal obsession with makeup and beauty has taken a serious surge since the advent of the YouTube makeup guru. These high profile internet personalities have been helping everyday Joes and Janes get red carpet ready and Instagram contoured for some time now, and it has seemed to spark a real movement in the beauty community. YouTube influencers are now collaborating with some of the biggest beauty names in the business. With successful collaboration like BECCA x Jaclyn Hill and the highly anticipated NikkieTutorials x Too Faced, YouTubers are not just giving advice but creating products with brands.

By bringing makeup advice, tutorials, and product reviews directly to cosmetics lovers, influencers have seriously bolstered casual fans' love of makeup. If you're one of those who had a passing fancy until you discovered just how creative makeup artistry can be, these seven graphic tees about makeup are here to help us express our love every day — even when our winged liner isn't slaying.

1. Eyeliner Is Serious Business

Urban Decay Eyeliner Muscle Tee, $28, Urban Decay

Liner so sharp it could cut a man.

2. Weekend Essentials

Mascara & Mimosa, $24, Look Human

Does a weekend need anything else to be complete?

3. Swatch Life

Makeup, $28, Redbubble

Imagine this, but on your arm. Looks familiar, right?

4. Pocket Perfect

Straight Outta Makeup Tee, $20, Etsy

If only those brushes were real and actually in my pocket.

5. Lipstick Is Always Perfect

Lipstick Shirt, $25, Etsy

Ruby Woo always fixes my bad days.

6. Wing Out, Work Out

Women's Barbell Muscles & Mascara, $22, Chinupapparel

Yes, I'd definitely work out in this.

7. Lipstick Lover

Your Favorite Lipstick Collection, $30, Redbubble

If only we could all have this lipstick collection in real life.

Whether it's a love of liner or a penchant for lippies, there's something for all you makeup junkies out there.