Paulie Doesn't Want To Go To 'BB18's Jury

Every season of Big Brother involves at least one player who talks a really big game. They threaten to leave if a certain person is evicted or, even worse, threaten to not play the game if it doesn’t go their way. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Paulie this season. In the last few days, as the likelihood of his going home has increased, Paulie’s refusal to play the game has gotten a little worrisome. Early Monday morning, Paulie told Victor that he would rather be sent home on a plane than be sent to the jury house. But can Paulie skip jury duty on Big Brother 18? Isn’t it sort of his civic duty to being on the show and lasting as long as he has?

And by civic duty, I of course mean his duty to the show and the contract he signed to be on it. I’m assuming whatever he signed includes a clause about going to the jury house if you make it that far in the game, because I’m sure the show’s creators and legal team have that locked down pretty tight. Still, it’s always possible for anyone to shirk their contractual responsibilities; it just usually ends up with them paying a fine and/or being taken to court. I’m not sure that is the route that Paulie wants to go, especially since no one in Big Brother history has skipped jury duty willingly.

Now, there have definitely been houseguests who were meant to be apart of the final voting process but didn’t make it. However, that was always for other reasons. Like Justin Sebik, who was expelled from Season 2 for holding a knife to a houseguest’s throat. Um, yikes. He would have been apart of the final vote at the end of Season 2, but, because he couldn’t keep his hands — or his weapons — to himself, he wasn’t.

And then there was Chima Simone, who made it to the jury portion of the game but was expelled because of various rule violations in response to another houseguest being evicted. She was kicked out of Season 11 and not sent to the jury house, even though she had made it far enough to be sent there had she been evicted.

So it’s definitely possible for a Big Brother player to not go to the jury house even though they’ve made it far enough in the game, but never before has a player chosen to not go to jury on his own accord. We’ll have to see how Paulie plays the rest of the game, but I have a feeling that threat might be his bravado talking. At least I hope for his sake and for the sake of the game that it is.

Image: CBS (2)