If Bran Stark Wargs Into A White Walker On 'Game of Thrones', That Would Be A Game Changer

Spoilers Ahead, Guys. It makes sense that the new(?) three-eyed raven, Bran Stark, will play a part in the "wars to come," specifically as he heads to the Anti-Winter Headquarters (Winterfell) in Season 7. But what if Bran could warg into a White Walker — and therefore take out the enemy and save the day — earning him the biggest part in the wars? So far, I'm unconvinced. Bran hasn't had a lot of experience (I mean how can a guy learn "everything" in such a short period of time, geez) and doesn't seem to have much control over his abilities. Meanwhile, the immaturity caused by being a preteen handed entirely too much power seems much stronger in Bran than his actual powers. So what part exactly will our psychokinetic pal play?

We know Bran has massive power; not everybody, or anybody, in Westeros can control animals and/or people with their minds, time hop, and probably also change history to boot. All of those superhero-in-the-style-of-Professor X abilities are a really awesome skill set for someone hoping to protect their home and entire livelihood from the impending Great White North (not to be confused with Canada). But is Bran strong enough to go into the mind of something super evil, frozen, and sentient? I'm not so sure.


Qurora.com contributor Kelsey L. Hayes, believes that answer is a no. She throws out the theory that "White Walkers/Others are sentient beings that can think, strategize and demonstrate higher levels of consciousness," so it would be difficult for Bran, a guy who can so far only warg into animals and Hodor, a man with a "low mental capacity," to worm his way into the mind of one. But Bran has proven to be exceptional before, so maybe he will impress us all once again.

Furthermore, I'm not entirely sure how time loops work, but when Hodor was "holding the door," Bran did manage to warg into younger Hodor, before his diminished mental capacity. But, at the same time, that's not really what happened, because Hodor already had his seizures in the future? Somebody help me out here, because time travel is confusing. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this new strength, if that is truly what it is, means Bran could hop into the mind of a White Walker with just a few more practices.


If Bran were somehow able to get himself directly inside the mind of the Night's King, or, better yet, his entire army, it would seriously save the day for Westeros. He could just make all those baddies lie in the fetal position while a bunch of dragons fire roast them. And why else would the head White Walker be so insistent on destroying Bran if he didn't pose some sort of a threat?

I have high hopes that the good guys are going to make it, and that Bran is going to be a leader that helps to save the day. And also that not one character I like will die in the next thirteen episodes, all the Direwolves and Starks will rejoin their pack, and we'll finally find out where Gendry and Ser Pounce got off to. Come on, Game of Thrones, you owe us this one.

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