The Puma Fierce Bright Pack Colorway Is Bomb

The sneaker colorway of the season has just hit the internet, and everyone's got questions. Sure, Kanye West released new Yeezys and Rihanna's creepers were all the rage, but if color is your jam, PUMA's got you. So what colors do the Fierce Bright Pack Sneakers by PUMA come in? Fans of neon are about to find their perfect shoe because these beautifully bright sneakers are everything a vibrant color-lover could want.

This isn't the first time fans of the PUMA brand have seen the Fierce sneaker before, though. With their oversized tongue and lace-less design, the slip-on kicks debuted earlier this year in red, black, and other more muted shades. Now, however PUMA has stepped up their color game, and they're debuting a neon colorway of the Fierce sneaker in the Fierce Bright Pack. If Bright Pack didn't tip you off to the shades, the collection of sneaks comes in hot pink, white, and highlighter yellow. Basically, if you want to rock a shade that will probably glow beneath a black light, you've found it.

Of course a shoe this bright is hard to hide, and the PUMA Fierce Bright Pack sneakers have already been making their rounds on the internet. Kylie Jenner hosted a PUMA Fierce Brights Pack giveaway over on her app a few weeks ago letting a few choice fans snag the ultra vibrant sneakers before their launch.

It's easy to see why fans would be excited about the opportunity and want to get their hands on these highlighter-esque hues. Want a sneaker that motorist are going to see from a mile away? Check! Want a pop of color with that all black athleisure look you rock on the regular? Also check!

The PUMA Fierce Brights Pack is the colorway that neon-lovers are going to flock toward. No more hunting for a neon pink kick other places, you can snag the hottest trainer when the Fierce Brights Pack launches on Aug. 18.

So if you'd been wondering what colors the PUMA Fierce Brights pack come in, you've got your answer. If glow-in-the-dark, neon hues are your jam, get our credit card out now because all your sneaker dreams just came true.

Images: Courtesy of PUMA