What To Wear To A Labor Day Picnic

You may have all kinds of exciting plans for the Labor Day weekend, but if your plans include eating al fresco, you might be contemplating what to wear to a Labor Day picnic. It's not that you or I are so vain that our lives revolve around fashion 24/7, it's just that choosing an outfit for a picnic on such a landmark day is no easy task.

There's a lot to consider when choosing what to wear to a Labor Day picnic. First off, you'll need to think about whether or not the picnic has a specific theme. You probably don't want to rock up to a lavish outdoor banquet with a Marie Antoinette theme, wearing a crop top and denim hot pants. Next, you'll want to check the weather forecast of the day and enquire about the setting of the picnic. Of course, the picnic will likely be called off if it's raining so it's best to keep a weather eye on the situ. It's equally important to discover where the picnic is held because this may affect what you need to wear – beach picnics might have a chilly sea breeze and late afternoon picnics may run into the evening, meaning you'll need extra layers. Lastly, you'll want to feel comfortable all day, especially when you're enjoying all that delicious picnic food.

So here's a bunch of things to wear to a Labor Day picnic, so you can relax, drink, and gorge in style!

1. A Casual Romper

Jersey Wrap Romper Grey, $19.20,

There's no need to overcomplicate things when it comes to picnic attire and this jersey romper is as low key as it gets.

Striped Jersey Romper, $38.98,

If you're not ready to let go of the cyclical, typically spring/summer nautical trend just yet, choose to wear stripes on the last day of summer.

2. A Button Down Dress

Cooperative Parker Corduroy Button-Down Mini Jumper Dress, $69,

Pair a button down dress with a cute neckerchief to be the most adorably dressed attendee at the picnic.

Button Front Challis Dress, $40.98,

Go for a more smart casual look with a button down shirt dress.

3. Sweet Treat Earrings

Mover And Sugar Earring Set, $19.99,

Look totally sweet with earrings in the shape of your favorite sugary treats.

4. A Gingham Dress

Bernie Dexter Plus Size 1950s Green Gingham Kelly Cap Sleeve Swing Dress, $158,

Could there be anything more picnic-worthy than a gingham dress? The same design is available in straight sizes too.

5. A Fruit Shaped Straw Bag

Put It To Good Juice Bag, $44.99,

A watermelon handbag made of straw is basically the epitome of summer!

6. A Culotte Jumpsuit

Silence + Noise Meredith Woven Culotte Jumpsuit, $79,

When you've got a food baby growing inside your tummy, you'll feel way more comfy in a breezy culotte jumpsuit than something skintight.

New Look Plus Culotte Jumpsuit, $38,

A culotte jumpsuit will try its hardest not to allow the hot weather to get the best of you.

7. White Lacy Shorts

Floral Crochet Shorts, $48,

Make the most of being able to wear white before the fashion police rain on your parade after Labor Day.

Flowy Lace Shorts, $38.50,

Pair these shorts with a white lace top to go for an an elegant The Great Gatsby vibe.

8. A Popsicle Dress

Flavor Fave Dress In Sky, $99.99,

This popsicle dress will make a refreshingly cool addition to your wardrobe for years to come.

9. Foodie Finger Tattoos

Finger Small Tiny Tattoos Food Temporary Tattoo (Set Of 12,) $4.99,

Wear your fave foods on your sleeve with these cute temporary tattoos.

10. Fun Print Shorts

'Binkie' Green Playing Cards Shorts, $7,

Sure, picnics are mainly about gathering your loved ones together to share some awesome food, but don't forget to bring some fun and games to the party! These kooky shorts will hopefully remind everyone about the planned entertainment if the organisers have a little too much to drink. Available in sizes XXS to 3XL.

11. Silver Sneakers

Minna Parikka Silver Glitter Leather Bunny Ears & Tail Trainers, $412,

Shine on the last day of summer in these cutesy, rabbit inspired, glittering sneakers.

New Look Wide Fit Metallic Sneaker, $25,

Folks wanting a little less bling can choose a subtler silver pair like these metallic sneakers.

Fill your face with food and your mind with fun memories of your Labor Day picnic, because as soon as you get there you'll probably forget all about your wardrobe choices anyway!

Images: Courtesy Brands