Here's How Much Athletes Really Get It On

With all the sexy Olympians gracing the screens at the moment it's hard not to have sex and sports on the brain. Does sex affect your athletic performance? Or, vice versa, does being an athlete make you better in the bedroom? Well LELO, the luxury sex toy brand, surveyed over 800 athletes to figure out exactly how much sex they are having. And the answer? A lot.

It's not too surprising, considering the Brazilian government has given each of the athletes enough condoms to have sex 42 times. I mean, I know they're basically superhuman but come on. They have medals to win, right? Who's got time for that? But we know that they've got awesome stamina and love to go after what they want, so a lot of awesome sex couldn't have been that far behind. I like to hope that as each day of The Olympics closes, they're having a happy hedonistic celebration in all of their dorm rooms. They certainly deserve it.

So I wasn't shocked to see that the athletes LELO surveyed were busy getting down. There were, however, some twists. Who would have thought swimmers would have the most sex toys? Or that cyclists would have the least? Especially when it's rugby players who love masturbating... like, a lot. I'm impressed. Oh and gymnasts? They um, "go for the gold in nearly every event" as LELO puts it.

Here's how the breakdown happens globally for athletes in the survey:

1. They Have 9 Partners On Average

Although the average was nine among athletes worldwide, boxers had the highest, with 22 partners. The lowest? Field hockey and track tied, each averaging six partners.

2. They Have 19 Solo Sessions Per Month On Average

So on average, people are masturbating almost two out of three days — I like those odds. But rugby players had an astonishing 37 rounds a month (my heroes). Track, who scored low across the board, only racked up 12 times a month.

3. They Have 10 Sessions With A Partner Per Month On Average

Having sex one out of every three days isn't so bad, especially if you're a busy athlete. But gymnasts, who like LELO said, really seem to go for it, managed 14 times per month on average. Track scored lower again, with only six rounds a month, and table tennis players were the same.

4. They Own 2 Sex Toys On Average

Two sex toys owned on average? I like it. A lot of my friends don't even own one (despite me insisting on giving them for gifts). I'm super proud of swimmers who averaged out at five each— but I guess they need underwater versions of everything. Cycling on average? Zero. Zero sex toys. Can you even call that a life?

Image: Fotolia; Giphy (4)